What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? My first KDRAMA ♥️

Creators: Park Joon-hwa, Baek Seon-woo, Choi Bo-rim

Premiered on: 6 June 2018

I have never been into KDramas or anything that is not English or Hindi. Why? Because I wasn’t sure I wanted to watch something with subtitles. Was I out of my damn mind? I am glad I changed my mind about it because I’m just exploring the KDrama world and it is magical and beautiful and fun and I AM LOVING IT!

So, how did I decide on watching What’s wrong with secretary Kim?

Well, I was looking for something light and fun and after some research, this title just excited me a little. I did not watch the trailer, I just jumped on to it. KDrama marathon here I come 🏃‍♀️

But if you’d like to watch the trailer, here you go:

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? Trailer 👇

All the Characters and their Instagram handles:

Kim Mi So – Park Min-Young

Lee Young Joon – Seo-joon Park

Lee Sung Yeon – Lee Tae-Hwan

Chairman Lee – Kim Byeong-Ok YouTube

Madame Choi – Kim Hye-Ok

Park Yoo Shik – Kang Ki-Young

Go Gwi Nam – Hwang Chan-Sung (HE IS NOT ON INSTAGRAM!! WHY!!)

Kim Ji Ah – Pyo Ye-Jin

Jung Chi In – Lee Yoo-Joon

Bong Se Ra – Hwang Bo-ra

Sul Ma Eum – Kim Ye-Won

Yang Cheol – Kim Jung-Woon

A bit about the story

Secretary Kim decides to quit her job after 9 years of total dedication towards her boss Lee Young Joon. He cannot believe his ears when she says this. The story revolves around Kim Mi So quitting and Lee Young Joon trying to keep her.

5 Things I Loved About What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

1. Lee Young Joon’s love for himself

Only if I could give a little bit of his confidence to KDrama StartUp’s Nam Do San, I would. Fill your cups, people, his aura radiates confidence and it is funny.

He cannot believe that someone might not want him! He thinks he is a catch and he is charming and he has full confidence in his looks and intelligence. WOW I want to drink what he is drinking!

Lee Young Joon saying Aura

2. Detailed side stories

Though the main story is awesome, every single character is given enough importance and there are some very detailed stories going on.

It’s not just two characters and bunch of side characters supporting them. Everyone has a story!

3. Relationship between Lee Young Joon and Park Yoo Shik

Some of their conversations are SO funny! They are friends and it shows 🙂

Park Yoo Shik and Lee Young Joon

4. The back stories are bombdotcom

Who would’ve thunk! Everything that happens on the show happens for a reason and you get to know that reason. Isn’t that awesome!?

Lee Young Joon trying to find clams

5. The proposal

It took him a while to figure this one out but he did and I cried!

Kim Mi So kissing Lee Young Joon

As much as I loved the show, some parts were real scary! I mean it was light and funny and lovey dovey and then out of nowhere it felt like horror show.

You can stream it on Netflix here.

I have also watched Run on and am currently watching StartUp. I will write about it soon 🙂

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