Watch Welcome to waikiki and laugh till it hurts

And then a little more.

It felt like my lungs exploded watching this series. Now, you see this isn’t a new series but it is still worth watching if you still haven’t.

Welcome To Waikiki Trailer

Welcome To Waikiki cast to follow on Instagram

Kim Jung Hyun as Kang Dong Goo > Instagram

He was recently seen on Crash Landing On You <3

Lee Yi Kyung as Lee Joon Ki > Instagram

He is in Welcome to Waikiki season 2 as well and he is hilarious!

Jung In Sun as Han Yoon Ah > Instagram

Go Won Hee as Kang Seo Jin > Instagram

Lee Joo Woo as Min Soo Ah > Instagram

Han Yeo Reum as Baby Sol > Instagram

She’s too young, this is her mom’s account.

Here’s one video that will give you a preview of comedy that awaits you 👇

The only Instagram account I haven’t added is of Son Seung Won as Bong Doo Shik. Sadly, the actor was arrested for drunk driving and was in jail for 18 months. He did post on his Instagram right after his return but it backfired and he received a lot of hate comments. After that, he deleted his account.

Anyway, I don’t have to give you any reasons to watch this show, watch it because it is hilarious. That’s all.

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