List of KDramas I watched in 2022

  1. Our beloved summer
  2. The devil judge
  3. Hotel Del luna
  4. The silent sea
  5. The sound of your heart
  6. A love so beautiful
  7. Sisyphus the myth
  8. All of us are dead
  9. DP
  10. Chief of staff season 1
  11. My ID is Gangnam beauty
  12. Thirty, nine
  13. Forecasting love and weather
  14. Twenty One Twenty five
  15. Business Proposal
  16. 100 days of my prince
  17. Mad dog
  18. Suspicious partner 
  19. Clean with passion for now
  20. Chief of staff S-2
  21. Tomorrow 
  22. Our blues
  23. My liberation notes
  24. Sh**Ting stars
  25. Love all play
  26. Hot stove league
  27. Kiss sixth sense
  28. Soundtrack #1
  29. Yumi’s cells 2
  30. Cafe Minamdang
  31. Link: Eat, love, kill
  32. Alchemy of souls
  33. Lawless lawyer
  34. Ghost doctor 
  35. Today’s webtoon
  36. She would never know
  37. The sound of magic
  38. Extraordinary Attorney Woo
  39. Once upon a small town
  40. More than friends
  41. Never give up
  42. Hello, my twenties S1
  43. Hello, my twenties S2
  44. Racket boys
  45. If you wish upon me
  46. Love in contract
  47. The law café
  48. Prison playbook
  49. Gaus Electronics
  50. Narco-saints
  51. Little women
  52. One Spring night
  53. Through the darkness
  54. Summer strike (ongoing)
  55. May I help you (ongoing)
  56. My roommate is a Gumiho

What are some of the best KDramas you watched in 2022?

We are half-way through Summer strike

The first episode of Summer strike aired on November 21st and the 6th episode aired on December 6th. The drama has 12 episodes and so we are already halfway through the drama.

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One Spring Night – sweet, slow, balmy and so so

I binge watched this one. Why? Because I just wanted to know what happens to the lead couple and what kind of life they lead together.

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Something in the rain: Things I randomly think of

Something in the rain is also called Pretty noona who buys me food. I love that title more tbh. Why? Because that actually is the more accurate title.

I watched Something in the rain almost a year ago and still I go on YouTube and watch some of the scenes again. I just love doing that.

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May I help you – We are half-way there

This drama started in October but I didn’t have much time in Oct/Nov to start new KDramas. However, last week after finishing Love in contract and starting Summer strike I started thinking of what else to watch and that’s when I landed up on May I help you’s trailer. I found the trailer interesting and so I started watching it.

I ended up watching 8 episodes in a week and that is fast for me. While watching it drama it hit me that I really like Kdramas (dramas in generally) with strong female lead and that’s the reason I didn’t like some of the classics including True beauty.

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Summer strike – First impression

I have been looking forward to Summer strike since forever. Why? Because of Im Siwan. Also the original title translates to “Today I don’t want to do anything” which is something that really appealed to me.

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Love in contract – to watch or to drop

I started watching Love in contract because of Rachel Park.

I also shared my first impression of the drama back in september when it started airing.

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Gaus Electronics – Over the top comedy you didn’t know you needed

Gaus Electronics was a happy discovery. How did I end up watching it? Well, after Vincenzo, I followed Kwak Dong Yeon and after our blues I followed Bae Hyun Sung on Instagram. And that’s how I ended up watching the behind the scenes and trailers for this show.

It looked like something funny with a hint of romance and so I said, let’s watch this. Bae Hyun Sung’s hairstyle made it clear that this one would be an over the top comedy and I am all in for that. Anything that would make me laugh out loud.

I mean look at him!

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5 dramas set in picturesque countryside locations

Beautiful breathtaking visuals have power to make a drama more appealing. Every time I watch a drama I look out for these picturesque locations…pause some of the scenes…. just to admire the beauty and the direction.

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Gaus Electronics – First impression and thoughts

I saw two faces: Kwak Dong Yeon and Bae Hyun Sung and decided to go for it.

The genre is comedy which was another reason to hit play.

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