Bo ra! Deborah: True to love

Recently I haven’t really enjoyed any romcom. The new Kdramas just didn’t seem to work for me. Anyway, I spent Oct and most of Nov watching Gilmore girls and for some reason I had a feeling that I wanted to watch Bo ra! Deborah…I had only seen some of its scenes on Instagram.

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I ran out of clothes to wear outside: the other side of being minimalist

brown wooden shelves

Reuse. Reduce. Recycle.


I have called myself a minimalist for a very very long time. And I married a minimalist as well.

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Love Again – I watched it for Priyanka Chopra

I don’t know if I have said this out loud but I LOVE Priyanka Chopra. I love watching her interviews and I have seen her from the time she participated in Miss India. I have seen her grow and I have fallen in love with her more and more with time. So when I saw the trailer of Love Again I was sure I was going to watch it.

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Destined with you – We are halfway there

Okay so I haven’t written about any KDramas in a while but here we are again. It’s not that I stopped watching, it’s just that life got a little busy.

Anyway, I decided to watch Destined with you because I generally watch anything with Rowoon. I would have decided to watch this after watching the trailer also.

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Celebrity – a biased review

Celebrity KDrama is on Netflix and it is a must watch if you ask me.

Why? Because you will want to binge watch it….you will want to know what happens next and you will want to deep dive into story of someone you don’t even know.

That’s exactly what social media is right?

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Mad for each other – more than just 30 min laughs

I was looking for some short series with short episodes and stumbled upon this one under Netflix’s 30 minute laughs section. I had seen a couple of scenes of the drama in KDrama master’s funny YouTube videos so thought of giving it a shot.

I haven’t seen the male lead in anything else but did see the female lead in forgettable Café Minamdang where I found her a little irritating. And turns out that’s just her style 😂 Okay, so I don’t dislike her or anything. After all, I ended up watching two of her dramas.

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Go Go Squid – A kind of cute CDrama

I was wondering what to watch and remembered that a friend on Instagram had suggested Go Go Squid to me a while back.

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XO, Kitty: Raw thoughts after a binge watch

Romance is my favourite thing.

And this one was a heart fluttering teen romance. Not only that. This was a beautiful blend of Korean and American stories.

Honestly, I CANNOT wait for season 2 and Dae was okay but I am really REALLY REALLY for Min Ho here.

I was hoping to see Lara Jean and Peter in a cameo but well wasn’t lucky enough.

However, this story had very little and a lot going on in itself.

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Mr. Queen is a must-watch KDrama, okay?

I didn’t want to watch it.

I was almost not gonna watch it.

I am not really a fan of period dramas.

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Books I read in Q1 of 2023

person reading book and holding coffee

Hi 👋 I am Sam and I am an avid reader of odd books. These aren’t your regular books and some of these aren’t even popular. I do pick up one of two bestsellers though.

So here are books I read in Q1 of 2023 👇🏼

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