Her Private Life KDrama will make you laugh out loud

Her Private Life Kdrama is one of those light watches that will make you feel good, smile and eat a bit 😛

After watching What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, it made sense for me to watch something else with Rachel Park in it and so I chose this one. Why? Well, the trailer looked interesting and it brought a smile on my face.

Her private life Kdrama Trailer

Full Trailer

So as you see in the trailer Sung Deok Mi is a museum curator and a superfan! Fangirls makes her happy and she is not just another fangirl, she is THE fangirl ✨ She meets Ryan Gold and things change a bit… she doesn’t stop fangirling, but he supports her fangirling in his own ways. The story has a lot of fun moments and my favourite one is Geon Woo (Sung Deok-Mi’s best friend’s son) showing how to fall.

Director: Hong Jong-Chan

Writer: Kim Sung-Yeon (novel)

Network: tvN

Episodes: 16

Release Date: April 10 – May 30, 2019

Actors of Her Private Life KDrama cast you must follow on Instagram 🖼

Park Min-Young as Sung Deok-Mi. Instagram

Kim Jae-Wook as Ryan Gold. Instagaram

Ahn Bo-Hyun as Nam Eun Gi. Instagram

One as Cha Shi Ahn [Idol of White Ocean]. Instagram

Kim Bo Ra as Cindy / Kim Hyo Jin [Shi Ahn’s Fansite master / Intern / So Hye’s daughter] Instagram

Park Jin Joo as Lee Sun Joo [Duk Mi’s best friend] Instagram

Kim Mi Kyung as Go Young Sook [Deok Mi’s mother]. Instagram

Maeng Sang Hoon as Sung Geun Ho [Deok Mi’s father]. Not on Instagram.

Sang Hoon Maeng

Hong Seo Young as Choi Da In [Ryan’s friend / Monoart Gallery Media artist]. Not on Instagram.

Hong Seo-young | Celebrity - CodiPOP

Kim Sun Young as Uhm So Hye [Chaeum Gallery Previous Director / Cindy’s mother]. Not on Instagram.

Sun Young Kim

Seo Ye Hwa as Yoo Kyung Ah [Chaeum Gallery worker]. Instagram

Jung Won Chang as Kim Yoo Sup [Chaeum Gallery Registrar].Instagram

Im Ji Kyu as Kang Seung Min [Sun Joo’s husband]. Instagram

Yoo Yong Min as Joo Hyuk [Worker at Seon Joo’s Coffee Shop]. Instagram

Jung Shi Yool as Kang Geon Woo [Seon Joo’s son]. Instagram.

You can watch Her Private Life Kdrama on Netflix.

5 Reasons to watch Her Private Life KDrama

  1. Fun and light watch will leave you feeling happy.
  2. The adult romance is perfect. No hurting each other, no toxic relationship… understanding, maturity and love.
  3. Geon Woo’s cuteness will steal your heart.
  4. Fashion! Yes, you must check out all the clothes because damn those are hot.
  5. If you’re a fangirl or a fanboy or a fanperson, you’ll relate to it.

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