Gaus Electronics – Over the top comedy you didn’t know you needed

Gaus Electronics was a happy discovery. How did I end up watching it? Well, after Vincenzo, I followed Kwak Dong Yeon and after our blues I followed Bae Hyun Sung on Instagram. And that’s how I ended up watching the behind the scenes and trailers for this show.

It looked like something funny with a hint of romance and so I said, let’s watch this. Bae Hyun Sung’s hairstyle made it clear that this one would be an over the top comedy and I am all in for that. Anything that would make me laugh out loud.

I mean look at him!

Also you NEED to watch the trailer! If you listen to it once, it will live in your head rentfree.

Gaus Electronics Trailer

About Gaus Electronics

The drama is adapted from the webtoon “Gaus Jeonja” by Kwak Baek Soo.

It’s story of Marketing Team 3 (Home appliances department) of Gaus Electronics. There are around 10 team members and there is always chaos. Lee Sangsik is always positive, bright and smiling person but most of the things he is a part of go wrong. Cha Na Rae is strong, loud, short-tempered and smart. Baek Ma Tan joins as a junior employee but he is the son of owner of Gaus’s rival – Power group. Goen Kang Mi comes from a humble background and is very strong like Do bong soon. Also, there is Sang Sik’s roomie Aziz – a real gem.

Look at him!

Supporting characters are bombdotcom 🔥

Wi Jang Byung is the Marketing Director. He loves playing games, misses his family and is a loyal employee who wants to be recognised.

Gi Seong Nam is Deputy Director. He is almost always mad at the team. Calls people names but is good at heart. He thinks Ma Tan is poor clueless guy and so he treats him like a son, takes him to sauna, to food places, gives him toilet paper and what not.

Cha Wa Wa is the Section Chief. He has never really come up with any smart ideas.

Seong Hyeong Mi never smiles. Except that one time.

Kim Moon Hak is a writer. He has a LOT of kids.

No one really acknowledges the existence of Na Mu Myeong.

Hae Young is Sang Sik’s first love.

Secretary Kim is Ma Tan’s secretary who helps him navigate through things when he joins Gaus Electronics.

Gaus Electronics Information

Gaus Electronics

Episodes: 12

Aired: Sep 30, 2022 – Nov 5, 2022

Aired On: Friday, Saturday

Watch on: Viki

Duration: 50 min.

Genres: Business, Comedy, Life


Kwak Dong Yeon as Lee Sang Sik

Go Sung Hee as Cha Na Rae

Bae Hyun Sung as Baek Ma Tan

Kang Min Ah as Gun Gang Mi

Things I loved about the drama

The ending was always a commercial for Gaus product beautifully aligning with the episode.

That is your bias. – Aziz

Baek Ma Tan’s through process every time he experienced something new. (food combinations, coffee, scrub!)

Drunk Kang Mi.

All the part time jobs Aziz did 😂

There is a lot more but this would be my top 5.

So, if you haven’t watched it yet, go watch it.

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