A night under the stars: My top 6 favourite KDrama camping scenes

A night under the stars makes my hopelessly romantic heart flutter.

The moment I hear camp my thoughts start floating from campfire to beautiful lights on my tent and picnic food. If you are an adventurer at heart this is the perfect kind of date for you.

Just don’t think too much about insects, mosquitoes and anything that might damp your mood. (Use lotions, patches and everything that would keep you safe.)

So here are some of my favourite KDrama camping scenes:

1. Hospital Playlist

Songhwa, Ikjun and Ujoo on this trip

Ujoo had a lot on his mind

2. Thirty, nine

When your girlfriend isn’t feeling great so put extra efforts to bring smile to her face ❤️ This setup was everything! The lights, the food, the drink and the chairs!

3. It’s okay not to be okay

After all the action, emotions and struggles this was a beautiful ending! Doctor gave them this perfect camper van. Look at those smiles!

4. Forecasting love and weather

Such a beautiful set up and such a lovely company. They forgot the meat to grill but hey who needs the perfect food, when all that matters is the company!

This scene made me go:

5. Sh**ting Stars

This is scene from Sh**ting stars is what inspired me to write this post. Gong Tae Sung brings Oh Han byul to this spot and tells her he wanted to come here with the love of his life… AND then confesses that she is and will be his now and forever.

6. Nevertheless

Was I saving the best one for last? YES!

This date was oh so perfect but only if Nabi was really into him.

Looking for a Do Hyeok for myself, is anybody there?


Crash landing On You

This wasn’t exactly the romantic camping moment but it was beautiful in its own ways. Blankets and potatoes? Yes, please.

So that’s all from me! What are your favourite camping scenes?

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