Startup: The KDrama that will always have my heart

I started watching StartUp with very low expectations and honestly, I was just hoping to not lose interest. But I found the show very gripping. I could relate to parts of it and I enjoyed every single moment from the start to the end.

The best way to savour a good show is to watch it one episode at a time. I know, a lot of folks out there love binge-watching. But, when you watch one episode at a time, you give your brain time to imagine more. You spend more time feeling all the things and you can remember the show more dearly than you would if you binge-watched it.

Anyway, I will write more about StartUp episodes and the entire show in a separate post. Let’s first talk about the basics – Stars and their Instagram accounts.

StartUp KDrama Trailer

Second trailer

Behind the Scenes of StartUp KDrama

All the Characters and their Instagram handles:

Seo Dal Mi – Bae Suzy Instagram

Nam Do San – Nam Joo-Hyuk Instagram

Han Ji Pyung – Kim Seon-Ho Instagram

Won In Jae – Kang Han-na Instagram

Kim Yong San – Kim Do-Wan Instagram

Lee Chul San – Yoo Su-Bin Instagram

Choi Won Deok – Kim Hae-sook (Not on Instagram)

Jung Sa Ha – Stephanie Lee Instagram

Park Dong Cheon – Kim Min-Seok

Cha Ah Hyun – Song Seon-mi

Nam Do San’s mother – Kim Hee-Jung

AI Jang Young Sil – Yeo Jin-gu Instagram (Young Sil’s voice)

Nam Do San’s father – Kim Won-Hae Instagram

Alex Kwon – Jasper Cho Instagram

Yoon Seon Hak – Seo Yi-Sook Instagram

Won Doo Jung – Eom Hyo-Seob

Shin Jeong – Joo Bo-Young Instagram

Won Sang Su – Moon Dong-Hyeok Instagram

Seo Dal Mi (young) – Jung-eun Heo Instagram

Shin Hyeon – Kang You-Seok Instagram

Han Ji Pyung (young) – Nam Da-Reum Instagram

Seo Chung-Myung – Kim Joo Hun Instagram

Why you should watch StartUp KDrama

  1. Feel the new love <3
  2. Relate with the StartUp vibes.
  3. Interesting and in-depth storyline.
  4. A good balance of love, emotions, ambition and comedy.
  5. Amazing cast.

I do have a lot to say about StartUp so I’ll continue in my next post.

Till then, listen to the music that will make your heart flutter.

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