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Love in contract – First impression

If Rachel Park is starring, I’m watching. That’s my take. So for obvious reasons I’ve been excited for months for this series. And finally it is here!

Hello, my twenties – Everything I liked and kind of hated

Hello, my twenties is also known as Age of youth. It’s a story of 5 girls living as housemates at “Belle Epoque”, a share house. The have different personalities, different lifestyles but in the end living together makes them more of a family than… Continue Reading “Hello, my twenties – Everything I liked and kind of hated”

Thinking about all Crashlanding on you moments

I watched Crashlanding on you in May 2021. It was after watching What’s wrong with secretary Kim, run on and StartUp. I watched the first episode and dropped it like it was hot. Something did not sit well with my frame of mind at… Continue Reading “Thinking about all Crashlanding on you moments”

All the things I loved about More than friends #Kdrama and some things that I hated

Let’s talk about prologue stories, books, soul touching lines, beautiful areas of Seoul and picturesque spaces ✨ I have to say that I loved the stories that formed the base of that episode and the names of each episodes.

The Sound of Magic: Do you believe in magic? A short KDrama ✨

What happens when you put Ji Chang Wook and Hwang In Youp in a drama? You see the magic happen! If you’re looking to watch a short, musical KDrama with outstanding cast, this is the one.

Café Minamdang – Honestly biased review

Have you watched Doom at your service? Because the Doom killed it in that role and my heart just kept fluttering. So it was only fair to watch Café Minamdang. Not just that, I also loved the trailer and the premises of the series.

Can’t get over Lee Jun ho? 4 K-dramas starring Kang Tae-oh to watch 

Kang Tae-oh is melting hearts with his charming smile and subtle expressions in Extraordinary Attorney Woo. The wait for new episodes week after week is absolutely worth it but we all need a little higher dose of that innocent and charismatic face. Right?  So… Continue Reading “Can’t get over Lee Jun ho? 4 K-dramas starring Kang Tae-oh to watch “

I watched Spy X Family – My Anime experience

As you all know, I am a big KDrama fan and I spend my days watching one KDrama after another…However recently I watched two Animes..1) Case closed: Zero’s Tea Time and 2) Spy X Family. Honestly, I went in with zero expectations but slowly… Continue Reading “I watched Spy X Family – My Anime experience”

She Would Never Know – Honest Review

There are way too many things to watch and when there are so many ongoing and new dramas, why did I choose to watch something from last year? Well, after I finished watching Tomorrow, I wanted to go ahead and watch a little more… Continue Reading “She Would Never Know – Honest Review”

Dramas and dialogues I think about at night while watching the clouds flow by

Record of youth, Run on, Reply 1988, Encounter, Cuba, Be Melodramatic, camping scenes, Uju, Han river, Tarzan, Jeju…random things pop up in my head when I’m standing in my balcony at midnight watching the clouds pass by. We all have watched, read, heard or… Continue Reading “Dramas and dialogues I think about at night while watching the clouds flow by”