She Would Never Know – Honest Review

There are way too many things to watch and when there are so many ongoing and new dramas, why did I choose to watch something from last year? Well, after I finished watching Tomorrow, I wanted to go ahead and watch a little more of Rowoon.

You know how once you start watching a drama you go and google it, look at the cast and then check out other dramas by them and then go on Instagram, search for their name with hashtags to watch their edits and then find something that you might want to watch? Just me?

That’s how I ended up finding She would never know. And I told myself, one for Rowoon.

She Would Never Know Trailer

She Would Never know poster

When you watch the trailer and look at the poster you get the overall feel of a noona romance. Honestly, I loved the poster and was wondering till the end that when will that scene come….spoiler alert… it comes towards the end…almost end.

Short review + verdict

Did I love it? No. Did I like it? Yes. Did I feel like going at 1.5X? At times. The truth is, the drama is a little slow. They took their sweet time to build the story and show the characters and usually that’s fun but here… it asked for some patience. However, once your cross the 2 episode mark you’re back with the pace. And then once you hit episode 12-13…it again asks for some patience. But the relationship is beautiful.

You can watch this drama if

  • You’re into noona romances.
  • You’re a Rowoon fan.
  • You sit through first two episode and connect with the characters.
  • You’re looking to watch something which doesn’t have KDrama cliches where leads have met as kids or have some connection.

You can jump to the gallery or stop reading if you were here just to know if you should watch this one. If you want to know what’s in my head, read on.

All my thoughts on She Would Never Know

*takes a deep breath*

jaemiss-eoss eo? (Was it fun?)

jaemieobs-eossna? (Was it not fun?)

Hmmm it was kind of fun to watch yet another romance drama. My mistake? I jumped in expecting a lot more than I should have. These days that happens to me. Sometimes I’m expecting more drama, classic slow burn, dramatic breakups and what not. However, this one doesn’t have any of those elements. But it has Rowoon.

Right at the start it’s established that he is in love with his trainer but his actions will make you scream at the screen.

You wanna shout at the top of your voice: Geumanhaeyo, hjimaseo. (STOP IT. DON’T DO IT.)

But the thing about characters and humans in general is that they are flawed and that’s what makes them THEM.

So yeah, the start is a little toxic, uncalled for but also sweet and necessary.

It makes you wonder what’s next.

Gung-geume? (Wondering?)

The story builds up beautifully. Usual things like mess ups at work, problems with products and very generic things happen. It feels like something from our day to day life. That’s what makes the show relatable.

If you thought you will learn more about makeup industry, you won’t. There isn’t much in terms of real work that’s shown here. No ad shoots, no influencer meets or such marketing stuff 😛

I mentioned earlier that there are no KDrama cliches but well…there is this fake dating thing. I mean do you know anyone in real life who has fake dated? So yeah there’s that.

Sibling love: So Chae Hyun Seung (Rowoon) has two sisters Chae Ji Seung (played by Wang Bit Na) and Chae Yun Seung (played by Ha Yun Kyung). They meet regularly for lunches and dinners. They do this ALL THE TIME! Before this, I had seen such thing in This Is Us. It’s not completely healthy since one of the sisters keeps telling the other two to date or get married all the time. I don’t relate.

Niece: Kang Ha Eun (played by Park So Yi) is Chae Hyun Seung’s niece and she is such a gem. She is one of my favourite characters on the show.

Team: Being a part of a team where all the team members respect each other, care for each other and understand boundaries but still have fun together is like a dream come true and that’s what KLAR’s team is.

I loved all the characters of the team. No exception.

Mommy issues: So Yoon Song Ah (Won Jin Ah) doesn’t have great relationship with her mom. The mother is a little messed up in her head because of her late husband cheated on her. She doesn’t know that her daughter is aware of that fact. Anyway there isn’t much of a story here but….but….

Song Ah’s father cheated on her mother.

Song Ah’s boyfriend cheated on Song Ah.

Song Ah’s lover gets cheated on by his ex.

DAMNSON! That’s a lot of cheating for a single show. No?

Characters without depth: Generally best friends and room partners have significant roles however Kim Ga Young who is Song Ah’s friend played by Hey Ji doesn’t really have much part to play and nor does Do Ye Jin who is part time worker, played by Kwon Han Sol, at Song Ah’s mother’s restaurant.

Episode 14 and 15

Now, this is when it is shown that Song Ah and Hyun Seung broke up because they just couldn’t keep up with long distance relationship.

First of all Song Ah chooses career over love which I love. But in long distance relationships there are a tonne of things that you need to do differently. Expectations change and actions need to change too. But they probably did not read any how-to-do-long-distance-relationship-right articles because it DID NOT WORK. So she broke up with him and came back to win him over. Ummm… not a fan.

Episode 16

The wrap up episode was a little underwhelming. In KDramas you like to see things nicely tied with a bow at the end but this one flows a little slow and then ends with wedding dress. We need to see what happened to EVERYONE! Or maybe I do 🙂


No. of episodes: 15

Duration: 1hr 5 minutes

Where to watch: Netflix

She Would Never Know Gallery

Thank you for reading my honest review. As much as I love sharing my KDrama thoughts I also love hearing your KDrama thoughts. So let’s talk in comments 🙂

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