Month: May 2022

Hold my hand

I saw you at the examination hall and I knew you weren’t the brightest of the lot. But your goofiness made me smile. I don’t know if you noticed that. I don’t know if you remember seeing me there.It was a long time ago.We… Continue Reading “Hold my hand”

The letters

My could have been,I looked at you. You looked at me.We always had these staring contests in our free time. Sometimes from across the class, sometimes in the lobby, sometimes when we saw each other momentarily in between classes.

The confession

I was fourteen. He was sixteen. I liked him.I was fifteen. He was seventeen. He liked me.I was sixteen. He was eighteen. It was time for him to go.I was seventeen. He was nineteen. He called to tell me that he liked me.

6 Japanese books you should read that are not by Murakami

I did the January in Japan challenge and have been wanting to share my reccos since then. Finally got around to writing this list.

6 best fantasy Kdramas to watch if you’re new to Kdrama world

It was just a while ago when I was new to Kdrama world and did not know what to watch. Today my to-watch list is longer than my to-do list 😛 Anyway, if squid game was your very first Kdrama then you still have… Continue Reading “6 best fantasy Kdramas to watch if you’re new to Kdrama world”