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Destined with you – We are halfway there

Okay so I haven’t written about any KDramas in a while but here we are again. It’s not that I stopped watching, it’s just that life got a little busy. Anyway, I decided to watch Destined with you because I generally watch anything with… Continue Reading “Destined with you – We are halfway there”

Celebrity – a biased review

Celebrity KDrama is on Netflix and it is a must watch if you ask me. Why? Because you will want to binge watch it….you will want to know what happens next and you will want to deep dive into story of someone you don’t… Continue Reading “Celebrity – a biased review”

Go Go Squid – A kind of cute CDrama

I was wondering what to watch and remembered that a friend on Instagram had suggested Go Go Squid to me a while back.

XO, Kitty: Raw thoughts after a binge watch

Romance is my favourite thing. And this one was a heart fluttering teen romance. Not only that. This was a beautiful blend of Korean and American stories. Honestly, I CANNOT wait for season 2 and Dae was okay but I am really REALLY REALLY… Continue Reading “XO, Kitty: Raw thoughts after a binge watch”

Mr. Queen is a must-watch KDrama, okay?

I didn’t want to watch it. I was almost not gonna watch it. I am not really a fan of period dramas.

The Heavenly Idol: First impression

I am always looking for something new to watch and while I am also watching Kokdu: the season of deity and am on last episode of Love to hate you, I thought why not add this drama as well. After all, if nothing I’ll… Continue Reading “The Heavenly Idol: First impression”

Kokdu: Season of deity – First impression

Recently, I had slow down my KDrama viewing. Why? Well, don’t have enough time. However, last month I did not start many new Kdramas. The only Kdramas I am watching right now are Crash course in romance, The interest of love and Kokdu: Season… Continue Reading “Kokdu: Season of deity – First impression”

The Sound of Magic: Do you believe in magic? A short KDrama ✨

What happens when you put Ji Chang Wook and Hwang In Youp in a drama? You see the magic happen! If you’re looking to watch a short, musical KDrama with outstanding cast, this is the one.

Café Minamdang – Honestly biased review

Have you watched Doom at your service? Because the Doom killed it in that role and my heart just kept fluttering. So it was only fair to watch Café Minamdang. Not just that, I also loved the trailer and the premises of the series.

7 Funny KDramas to watch when you need a dose of laughter

My top three KDrama or any series genres are romance, comedy and slice of life. However, I have watched a lot of romance and even action dramas in general. But then there were some that made me laugh so much that my stomach hurt.… Continue Reading “7 Funny KDramas to watch when you need a dose of laughter”