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Unlock my boss – an underrated gem

The day I saw Chae Jong Hyeop was acting in a new drama I decided to watch it even without knowing what was it about. Why? Because I can be like that sometimes 😛 Anyway, I am glad that I decided to watch it,… Continue Reading “Unlock my boss – an underrated gem”

Gaus Electronics – Over the top comedy you didn’t know you needed

Gaus Electronics was a happy discovery. How did I end up watching it? Well, after Vincenzo, I followed Kwak Dong Yeon and after our blues I followed Bae Hyun Sung on Instagram. And that’s how I ended up watching the behind the scenes and… Continue Reading “Gaus Electronics – Over the top comedy you didn’t know you needed”

Love in contract – First impression

If Rachel Park is starring, I’m watching. That’s my take. So for obvious reasons I’ve been excited for months for this series. And finally it is here!

Hello, my twenties – Everything I liked and kind of hated

Hello, my twenties is also known as Age of youth. It’s a story of 5 girls living as housemates at “Belle Epoque”, a share house. The have different personalities, different lifestyles but in the end living together makes them more of a family than… Continue Reading “Hello, my twenties – Everything I liked and kind of hated”

Thinking about all Crashlanding on you moments

I watched Crashlanding on you in May 2021. It was after watching What’s wrong with secretary Kim, run on and StartUp. I watched the first episode and dropped it like it was hot. Something did not sit well with my frame of mind at… Continue Reading “Thinking about all Crashlanding on you moments”

The Sound of Magic: Do you believe in magic? A short KDrama ✨

What happens when you put Ji Chang Wook and Hwang In Youp in a drama? You see the magic happen! If you’re looking to watch a short, musical KDrama with outstanding cast, this is the one.

Café Minamdang – Honestly biased review

Have you watched Doom at your service? Because the Doom killed it in that role and my heart just kept fluttering. So it was only fair to watch Café Minamdang. Not just that, I also loved the trailer and the premises of the series.

She Would Never Know – Honest Review

There are way too many things to watch and when there are so many ongoing and new dramas, why did I choose to watch something from last year? Well, after I finished watching Tomorrow, I wanted to go ahead and watch a little more… Continue Reading “She Would Never Know – Honest Review”

7 Funny KDramas to watch when you need a dose of laughter

My top three KDrama or any series genres are romance, comedy and slice of life. However, I have watched a lot of romance and even action dramas in general. But then there were some that made me laugh so much that my stomach hurt.… Continue Reading “7 Funny KDramas to watch when you need a dose of laughter”

On-going KDramas that I’m currently watching and why

July 2022 I love watching multiple dramas at a time and have picked up this habit of watching ongoing dramas. Since most of them are aired on different days and only 2 episodes are released every week, it is not too much to catch… Continue Reading “On-going KDramas that I’m currently watching and why”