The Heavenly Idol: First impression

I am always looking for something new to watch and while I am also watching Kokdu: the season of deity and am on last episode of Love to hate you, I thought why not add this drama as well. After all, if nothing I’ll still get to look at Kim Min gue 😛

The Heavenly Idol Trailer

My thoughts while watching first 3 episodes of The Heavenly idol

The start was okayish. I wasn’t sure if I could already get excited about the story. Also, I was wondering what’s with the name Pontifex Lembrary and Redlin. However, as the story progresses it made sense. The switching of realms and all of it.

However, the other thing that I was wondering was why is he not acting “wise”. After all he is the high priest and has lived for over 100 years.

The entry of female lead is also not grand or anything and her background story is basic. Similar to a lot of other dramas that we have watched.

However, the idol and fan connect she has with Woo Yeon Woo looks real.

When we see Lembrary talking to Woo Yeon Woo or even his relationship with other band members or the Seon Woo Sil, we see a very rude, selfish, self-obsessed boy however his encounter with female lead is very different. He did save her.

We haven’t seen much of the evil one yet but I believe his role will build up in coming episodes.

The story is fast paced, a lot of things are happening fast and story looks fun so far. As there are only 12 episodes I am sure they won’t add anything unnecessary or drag the story.

Over all, it looks like a good drama. I am going to continue watching it.

The Heavenly Idol information

Episodes: 12

Aired: Feb 15, 2023 – Mar 23, 2023

Aired On: Wednesday, Thursday

Duration: 1 hr. 10 min.

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama, Fantasy


Kim Min Gue as Rembrary / Woo Yeon Woo

Go Bo Gyeol as Kim Dal

Lee Jang Woo as Shin Jo Woon [Devil]

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