I watched Spy X Family – My Anime experience

As you all know, I am a big KDrama fan and I spend my days watching one KDrama after another…However recently I watched two Animes..1) Case closed: Zero’s Tea Time and 2) Spy X Family.

Honestly, I went in with zero expectations but slowly fell in love. The characters are amazing, the story is a good mix of slice of life, comedy and action and I loved the voice overs.

A spy father, assassin mother and a telepath daughter come together to become a perfect fake family and you will loved the Forgers.

Each episode is about 20 minutes and there are just 12 episodes in season 1.

And now I am eagerly waiting for season 2

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She Would Never Know – Honest Review

There are way too many things to watch and when there are so many ongoing and new dramas, why did I choose to watch something from last year? Well, after I finished watching Tomorrow, I wanted to go ahead and watch a little more of Rowoon.

You know how once you start watching a drama you go and google it, look at the cast and then check out other dramas by them and then go on Instagram, search for their name with hashtags to watch their edits and then find something that you might want to watch? Just me?

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Dramas and dialogues I think about at night while watching the clouds flow by

Record of youth, Run on, Reply 1988, Encounter, Cuba, Be Melodramatic, camping scenes, Uju, Han river, Tarzan, Jeju…random things pop up in my head when I’m standing in my balcony at midnight watching the clouds pass by.

We all have watched, read, heard or experienced things that come to us when the world is quiet.

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Link: Eat, Love, Kill – My biased review

What made me start this drama? Well, it’s the trailer. And of course Yeo Jin Goo and Moon Ga Young 😍

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Today’s Webtoon Episode 1 and 2 – First impression

The #1 reason I was looking forward to this drama is – Kim Se Jeong. After watching A Business Proposal I’ve become a fan!

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Why I watched Yumi’s Cells 2 and WE NEED S-3

When I started watching Yumi’s cell last year it was because of the trailer. I loved seeing the cell village, something similar to the movie Inside Out and I had watched Goblin, King The Eternal Monarch, Her Private life and was looking forward to see the lead actors.

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My demons

man wearing hood and mask with neon lights

I fought my demons for far too long;
I was tired and decided to give in then,
And while I didn’t know what to do
We agreed that we could be friends.
I am not scared of them anymore
We walk together hand in hand
I let them do what they want
I might let them do it till the end.

Reflections: Knowing yourself is more important than knowing others

woman in purple sweater sitting on wooden floor with view of lake and mountains

To know yourself, you need to observe yourself.

At times, we become so busy looking at others, admiring their highlight reels, sometimes being envious and other times being anxious thinking that we probably aren’t travelling enough or experiencing enough things or discovering enough cafes that we forget to look at our own self, at our achievements and even at the little things we do or love.

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7 Funny KDramas to watch when you need a dose of laughter

My top three KDrama or any series genres are romance, comedy and slice of life. However, I have watched a lot of romance and even action dramas in general. But then there were some that made me laugh so much that my stomach hurt. Here’s a list of 7 such KDramas 👇🏼

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On-going KDramas that I’m currently watching and why

July 2022

Alchemy of souls, Link: Eat, Love, Kill, Yumi’s cells 2, Cafe Minamdang

I love watching multiple dramas at a time and have picked up this habit of watching ongoing dramas. Since most of them are aired on different days and only 2 episodes are released every week, it is not too much to catch up with the latest episodes.

After I finished watching Our blues, Sh**Ting stars and Love all play last month I started watching some new dramas to quench my thirst for some drama.

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