Why I watched Yumi’s Cells 2 and WE NEED S-3

When I started watching Yumi’s cell last year it was because of the trailer. I loved seeing the cell village, something similar to the movie Inside Out and I had watched Goblin, King The Eternal Monarch, Her Private life and was looking forward to see the lead actors.

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My demons

man wearing hood and mask with neon lights

I fought my demons for far too long;
I was tired and decided to give in then,
And while I didn’t know what to do
We agreed that we could be friends.
I am not scared of them anymore
We walk together hand in hand
I let them do what they want
I might let them do it till the end.

Reflections: Knowing yourself is more important than knowing others

woman in purple sweater sitting on wooden floor with view of lake and mountains

To know yourself, you need to observe yourself.

At times, we become so busy looking at others, admiring their highlight reels, sometimes being envious and other times being anxious thinking that we probably aren’t travelling enough or experiencing enough things or discovering enough cafes that we forget to look at our own self, at our achievements and even at the little things we do or love.

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7 Funny KDramas to watch when you need a dose of laughter

My top three KDrama or any series genres are romance, comedy and slice of life. However, I have watched a lot of romance and even action dramas in general. But then there were some that made me laugh so much that my stomach hurt. Here’s a list of 7 such KDramas 👇🏼

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On-going KDramas that I’m currently watching and why

July 2022

Alchemy of souls, Link: Eat, Love, Kill, Yumi’s cells 2, Cafe Minamdang

I love watching multiple dramas at a time and have picked up this habit of watching ongoing dramas. Since most of them are aired on different days and only 2 episodes are released every week, it is not too much to catch up with the latest episodes.

After I finished watching Our blues, Sh**Ting stars and Love all play last month I started watching some new dramas to quench my thirst for some drama.

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5 reasons why you should watch My Liberation Notes

In May I was already busy watching a lot of ongoing and old KDramas. I had My liberation Notes on my mind and I knew I was going to watch it when I had time but for some reason, I kept delaying it. And then on one fine Saturday I started watching it…before I knew it I was binge-watching. By the end of the day I had watched 6 episodes and I was hooked. Want to know why?

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I Loved Love All Play – Going to You at a Speed of 493km

Another sports related KDrama?

Why not!

love watching sports related dramas in general. I have watched so many of them and still I cannot get enough of them. But I had some more reasons to watch Love all play.

My biggest reason to watch Love all play was Chae Jong Hyeop. I have seen him a lot of other dramas…mostly as second lead or just another cast member but finally this drama was all his!

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A night under the stars: My top 6 favourite KDrama camping scenes

A night under the stars makes my hopelessly romantic heart flutter.

The moment I hear camp my thoughts start floating from campfire to beautiful lights on my tent and picnic food. If you are an adventurer at heart this is the perfect kind of date for you.

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Some of my favourite KDrama Back Hugs

What’s a KDrama without a back hug!

Back hugs make you feel those butterflies in your stomach. They make you smile and they get your heart racing a little.

like this

Though there are a lot of back hugs that I love but here are some of my favourites.

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