Kokdu: Season of deity – First impression

Recently, I had slow down my KDrama viewing. Why? Well, don’t have enough time. However, last month I did not start many new Kdramas. The only Kdramas I am watching right now are Crash course in romance, The interest of love and Kokdu: Season of deity.

I decided to give Kokdu: Season of deity a go because it looked funny.

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Unlock my boss – an underrated gem

The day I saw Chae Jong Hyeop was acting in a new drama I decided to watch it even without knowing what was it about. Why? Because I can be like that sometimes 😛

Anyway, I am glad that I decided to watch it, because I loved it.

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Crash course in romance – First impression

I did not start many weekly Kdramas in 2023 and since Alchemy of souls and Unlock my boss ended last week, I didn’t particularly have anything new to watch this weekend. So, I clicked on Crash course in romance. Why? Well, because I am a bigtime Hospital playlist fan and I know Jung Kyung Ho is a great actor.

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Chocolate – a beautiful healing KDrama

Chocolate is the very first KDrama I have finished in 2023. I knew that it existed and I had seen it in my recommendations too many times but never really clicked on it. I thought I had not seen the main leads anywhere else and I already have a long list of tbw dramas of the actors I already like. Anyway, I didn’t pay attention that I had seen the actor in Kiss sixth sense (another KDrama I binge watched).

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My Roommate is a Gumiho: Why you must watch it

“I want to watch something fun!”

“A drama that has good amount of romance and comedy is all I need.”

“I want to see magic and fireworks on my screen.”

“Is a romance that would make my heart flutter too much to ask?”

There is one answer to all these questions: My Roommate is a Gumiho.

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We are half-way through Summer strike

The first episode of Summer strike aired on November 21st and the 6th episode aired on December 6th. The drama has 12 episodes and so we are already halfway through the drama.

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One Spring Night – sweet, slow, balmy and so so

I binge watched this one. Why? Because I just wanted to know what happens to the lead couple and what kind of life they lead together.

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Something in the rain: Things I randomly think of

Something in the rain is also called Pretty noona who buys me food. I love that title more tbh. Why? Because that actually is the more accurate title.

I watched Something in the rain almost a year ago and still I go on YouTube and watch some of the scenes again. I just love doing that.

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May I help you – We are half-way there

This drama started in October but I didn’t have much time in Oct/Nov to start new KDramas. However, last week after finishing Love in contract and starting Summer strike I started thinking of what else to watch and that’s when I landed up on May I help you’s trailer. I found the trailer interesting and so I started watching it.

I ended up watching 8 episodes in a week and that is fast for me. While watching it drama it hit me that I really like Kdramas (dramas in generally) with strong female lead and that’s the reason I didn’t like some of the classics including True beauty.

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