One Spring Night – sweet, slow, balmy and so so

I binge watched this one. Why? Because I just wanted to know what happens to the lead couple and what kind of life they lead together.

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Something in the rain: Things I randomly think of

Something in the rain is also called Pretty noona who buys me food. I love that title more tbh. Why? Because that actually is the more accurate title.

I watched Something in the rain almost a year ago and still I go on YouTube and watch some of the scenes again. I just love doing that.

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May I help you – We are half-way there

This drama started in October but I didn’t have much time in Oct/Nov to start new KDramas. However, last week after finishing Love in contract and starting Summer strike I started thinking of what else to watch and that’s when I landed up on May I help you’s trailer. I found the trailer interesting and so I started watching it.

I ended up watching 8 episodes in a week and that is fast for me. While watching it drama it hit me that I really like Kdramas (dramas in generally) with strong female lead and that’s the reason I didn’t like some of the classics including True beauty.

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Summer strike – First impression

I have been looking forward to Summer strike since forever. Why? Because of Im Siwan. Also the original title translates to “Today I don’t want to do anything” which is something that really appealed to me.

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Love in contract – to watch or to drop

I started watching Love in contract because of Rachel Park.

I also shared my first impression of the drama back in september when it started airing.

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Gaus Electronics – Over the top comedy you didn’t know you needed

Gaus Electronics was a happy discovery. How did I end up watching it? Well, after Vincenzo, I followed Kwak Dong Yeon and after our blues I followed Bae Hyun Sung on Instagram. And that’s how I ended up watching the behind the scenes and trailers for this show.

It looked like something funny with a hint of romance and so I said, let’s watch this. Bae Hyun Sung’s hairstyle made it clear that this one would be an over the top comedy and I am all in for that. Anything that would make me laugh out loud.

I mean look at him!

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5 dramas set in picturesque countryside locations

Beautiful breathtaking visuals have power to make a drama more appealing. Every time I watch a drama I look out for these picturesque locations…pause some of the scenes…. just to admire the beauty and the direction.

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Gaus Electronics – First impression and thoughts

I saw two faces: Kwak Dong Yeon and Bae Hyun Sung and decided to go for it.

The genre is comedy which was another reason to hit play.

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Once upon a small town: Sweet, cute and cliché

The primary reason why I started watching this drama was the beautiful village backdrop and JOY.

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Ongoing KDramas I’m watching (and loving)

September 2022

So I recently finished watching a whole set of KDramas and had to replace them with new ones 😉

I finished watching Alchemy of souls (AWESOME, can’t wait for S2 in December) and Today’s Webtoon (Had to fast forward and skip watch last few episodes, it was kind of a drag after a while).

So here’s the list of new KDramas that I’ve started:

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