The best time to watch hospital playlist is now

Another day, another KDrama ♥️

Hospital Playlist is a story of 5 friends who are in a band AND are doctors. Not just any doctors, they are GOOD. When you start watching Hospital Playlist, you will feel like watching it all the time but there are just 12 episodes in Season 1. AND SEASON 2 is coming on June 17, 2021 ✨ Now, isn’t that awesome!

Hospital Playlist Trailer

Season 1

Season 2

Hospital Playlist cast and their Instagram handles 📱

✨ Lee Ik Joon played by Jo Jung-Suk, doesn’t have Instagram. So here’s his MyDramaList page.

✨ Ahn Jeong Won played by Yoo Yeon-Seok. Instagram

 ✨ Kim Jun Wan played by Jung Kyung-ho. Instagram

Jung Kyung-ho is dating Choi Soo Young, the second leading lady on Run On. Her new show So I married the anti fan is airing right now.

✨ Yang Seok Hyung played by Dae-Myung Kim. Instagram.

✨ Chae Song Hwa played by Jeon Mi Do. Instagram.

Those are the 5 main characters!

Supporting cast 🙌

Jang Gyeo Wool [Surgery Resident] played by Shin Hyun Bin. Instagram

Lee Ik Soon [Ik Jun’s sister] played by Kwak Sun Young. She doesn’t have Instagram but here’s an interesting thread you should read about her.

Chu Min Ha [Ob-Gyn Resident] played by Ahn Eun Jin. Instagram.

Do Je Hak [Thoracic Chief Resident] played by Jung Moon Sung. Doesn’t have Instagram but here’s MyDramaList profile.

Yong Suk Min [Neurology Chief Resident] played by Moon Tae Yu. (No Instagram)

Ahn Chi Hong [Neurosurgery Resident] played by Kim Joon Han.

Jung Ro Sa [Jung Won’s mother] played by Kim Hae Sook. Remember her from StartUp?

Ju Jong Su [Director, Yulje Foundation] played by Kim Gab Soo.

Our dearest Lee Woo Ju (U Ju) [Ik Jun’s son] played by Kim Jun. Instagram.

There are a lot more cast members but here are a couple more Instagram accounts that you should check out:

Bae Hyun Sung as Jang Ho Do @bxbxbxbxb_

Jang Yoon Bok [Med Student] played by Jo Yi Hyun. Instagram.

You must read this Twitter thread of Hospital Playlist Trivia 👇

5 things I absolutely love about Hospital Playlist 🌟

  1. Lee Ik Sun and Kim Jun Wan’s relationship ♥️

2. Lee Ik Jun and U Ju’s relationship (My heart melts every time I see them together on the screen!)

3. All the things food!

4. Music is bomb! After all they are a band, so it is expected 🙂

5. The tiny moments in the stories that connect them <3 You’ll have to watch it to know this.

Ending it with some funny moment 🤣

So, if you haven’t watched it yet, now is the time 🙌

Hospital Playlist season 1 is streaming on Netflix and season 2 is coming soon.

If you’ve watched it already, tell me what do you love the most about the show! If you loved it, we can be BFFs 😉

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