Go Go Squid – A kind of cute CDrama

I was wondering what to watch and remembered that a friend on Instagram had suggested Go Go Squid to me a while back.

The only reason I had been holding back was 41 episodes! However, I later saw that these weren’t one hour episodes but 40-45 minutes one. (Still long).

So, a couple of weeks ago when I did not know what to watch, I started watching it.

The lead couple has 10 years of age gap which is at times cute and at times annoying.

The story starts with the female lead seeing the male lead at a cyber cafe for the first time and then pursuing him 😂 I totally see me in her at that point. However, there is a lot more…the boys who are the team… the other club members and their story… FL’s best friend and her husband and ML’s grandpa.

My favourite is FL’s roomie and ML’s old team mate (later club’s manager)’s romance. That is the cutest thing EVER.

However the story focuses a lot on China being #1 and winning on the big stage….which is okay because it is a CDrama but I kind of skipped those bits.

In terms of love story, there isn’t much to it. But the drama becomes interesting because of all the small things that keep happening throughout.

Favourite moments of Go Go Squid

  1. Mi Shofie calls his grandma and YaYa speaks to her… when grandma asks if she is his girlfriend, he tells her to say yes.
  2. Appledoug hugs DT.
  3. Solo’s daughter and Han Shan Yan bicker at Solo’s place.
  4. Demo comes to Han Shan Yan’s place during Christmas.

Also, we will never know what exactly CTF is 😂

There is another part of the drama and it is called AppleDoug and DT’s time but for now, I am not going to watch it.

You can watch Go Go Squid for free on Viki.

Have you seen this drama?

How would you rate it?

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