The baby-sitters club is the coolest club

And not just in Stoneybrooks.

These girls have my heart.

The show has 90s vibes in 2020 and it is definitely something that you should watch.

The trailer

Remember when I said Queer eye is the purest show on the internet! Well, this one is pure gold too and hey, it has queer eye reference too… How cool is that!

The idea of baby-sitters club

The story is based on the  novels written by Ann M. Martin and published by Scholastic between 1986 and 2000. It’s not just a deeper view lives of these 5 girls but a lot more than that. It’s about friendship, feminism, activism, understanding, struggles and self-love.

Why is the baby-sitters club important?

“The themes of The Baby-Sitters Club still resonate 30 years after the original book series was released and there has never been a more opportune time to tell an aspirational story about empowering young female entrepreneurs,” said Melissa Cobb, vice president of Kids & Family at Netflix. 


Growing up I had a hard time finding shows, series, movies with strong female leads. That made most of the shows less relatable. But now things are changing and it is important that more and more people get higher representation in the limelight. That’s #1 reason why I feel this show is gold.

Find the cast on Instagram

Kristy Thomas – Sophie Grace Instagram

Mary Anne Spier – Malia Baker Instagram

Dawn – Xochitl Gomez Instagram

Claudia Kishi – Momona Tamada Instagram

Stacey McGill – Shay Rudolph Instagram

Elizabeth Thomas-Brewer – Alicia Silverstone Instagram

Richard Spier – Marc Evan Jackson Instagram

Karen Brewer – Sophia Reid-Gantzert Instagram

Watson Brewer – Mark Feuerstein Instagram

The Baby-Sitters Club – Official Instagram

The baby-sitters club is streaming on Netflix.

What about season 2?

The baby-sitters club season 2 hasn’t been announced but seriously, it is happening. No doubts about it. We can probably expect it in June/ July 2021 though. It would also depend on COVID-19.

Have you watched the show yet?


Then go-go-go!

Things I’ve learnt from the baby-sitters club

  1. There’s no age limit of becoming a boss.
  2. When you care about your customers, they will see it.
  3. A good business idea works only when you do.
  4. If you have the right team and right direction, you can achieve anything.
  5. Follow the clues and listen to your gut.
  6. Empathy is the key.
The baby-sitters club

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