Racket boys will steal your heart and make you feel warm and fuzzy

Racket boys has been on my list since a very long time. For all the folks who keep on saying that KDramas are very bollywood-ish or that there are only romantic Kdramas should definitely check this one out. Racket boys is the story of 5 teenage badminton players trying to make it to the National team.

I have already watched a few sports related KDramas and one of them was Love all play (which I LOVED) that is badminton related. However, I did know that premise of Racket boys is slightly different. So finally after think about it for a few months, I watched it.

Racket boys trailer

Racket boys information

Racket Boys

Episodes: 16

Aired: May 31, 2021 – Aug 9, 2021

Original Network: Netflix, SBS

Duration: 1 hr. 15 min.

Director: Jo Young Kwang

Screenwriter: Jung Bo Hoon

Genres: Comedy, Life, Drama, Sports


Kim Sang Kyung as Yoon Hyun Jong

Oh Na Ra as Ra Young Ja

Tang Jun Sang as Yoon Hae Kang

Son Sang Yeon as Bang Yoon Dam

Choi Hyun Wook as Na Woo Chan

Kim Kang Hoon as Lee Yong Tae

Kim Min Ki as Jung In Sol

Lee Jae In as Han Se Yoon

Lee Ji Won as Lee Han Sol

Also one of the most important Instagram account that you NEED to check out is: bbangminton

The storyline

Two stories go on in parallel: the story of players as they try to win and make their mark and the story of village folks. These stories are beautifully weaved together.

Hae Kang is a baseball player but his parents can’t afford his game fees and they need to move to a village for his father’s new job as coach. This is where he meets the other Racket boys. It’s a bumpy start but they become a family ❤️

From the outside Hae Kang looks tough but he is a softie. He understands his family’s financial situation, he deeply cares about and looks after her sister, he loves his friends and always stands up for them, he tells his love that it is okay to lose and lends his shoulder to her.

There is a little love/ attraction story as well which is SO SWEET.

Why watch Racket boys?

  1. Beautiful scenes.
  2. Heartwarming story.
  3. Community coming together. Entire village as family.
  4. It’s real. The lead doesn’t win all the matches just because he is the lead.
  5. Friendship
  6. Food
  7. Teamwork
  8. Inspirational story
  9. BTS love

This scene is so sweet!

The BTS reference

My favourite kiddo

Racket boys gallery

Currently I am watching If you wish upon me, Love in contract and Once upon a small town.

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