5 reasons why you should watch My Liberation Notes

In May I was already busy watching a lot of ongoing and old KDramas. I had My liberation Notes on my mind and I knew I was going to watch it when I had time but for some reason, I kept delaying it. And then on one fine Saturday I started watching it…before I knew it I was binge-watching. By the end of the day I had watched 6 episodes and I was hooked. Want to know why?

1. Amazing cast

Kim Ji Won (DOTS, Fight for my way), Lee Min Ki (Because this is my first life), Son Seok Koo (Be melodramatic), Lee El (Goblin), Lee Ki Woo (Rain or shine).

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2. Refreshing slice of life

This isn’t a story of perfect love or perfect life or a perfect family. This show gives you laid-back vibes, a lot to think about and some moments you won’t really be able to describe.

3. Cinematography

Scenes so beautiful that they will feel like a soothing balm on your skin. They will heal you!

4. Flawed characters, beautiful script

None of the characters is perfect and that is the best thing about this drama. The way the story unfolds and how it does not end with a perfect bow tied to it, in the end, makes this drama a little relatable and a lot thought-provoking.

5. A beautiful romance

I am a hopeless romantic. I love slow-burn romance and opposite attracts romance and hate to love romance but the romance in this show was just so beautiful. It wasn’t a simple love story but it was a story of understanding, of love that doesn’t ask for a lot but is just present. It made my heart warm, gave me that warm and fuzzy feeling and made me smile.

So that’s that. If you haven’t watched it yet, now is the time 🙌🏼

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