The best time to watch hospital playlist is now

Another day, another KDrama ♥️

Hospital Playlist is a story of 5 friends who are in a band AND are doctors. Not just any doctors, they are GOOD. When you start watching Hospital Playlist, you will feel like watching it all the time but there are just 12 episodes in Season 1. AND SEASON 2 is coming on June 17, 2021 ✨ Now, isn’t that awesome!

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Record of youth: It’ll touch your heart

Be ready to be mesmerised by Park Bo-gum and Park So-dam 。◕ ‿ ◕。

After What’s wrong with secretary Kim, Start-Up and Run on, it only made sense to watch Record of youth, another KDrama.

By now I know that KDramas don’t just start focusing on the main characters and the main storyline, there is a lot of groundwork and you need to watch a couple of episodes to get into it… to know ALL the important characters and to understand the base of the story.

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Run On: A KDrama you may or may not like

I have been watching way to many KDramas these days and well, not all of them are soooo good. Run on, for me was okay and I still invested enough time into it so I gotta write about it.

The thing about KDramas is that each episode is longer than an hour. That’s a LOT of time and so you want to make sure you invest your time right.

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Startup: The KDrama that will always have my heart

I started watching StartUp with very low expectations and honestly, I was just hoping to not lose interest. But I found the show very gripping. I could relate to parts of it and I enjoyed every single moment from the start to the end.

The best way to savour a good show is to watch it one episode at a time. I know, a lot of folks out there love binge-watching. But, when you watch one episode at a time, you give your brain time to imagine more. You spend more time feeling all the things and you can remember the show more dearly than you would if you binge-watched it.

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What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? My first KDRAMA ♥️

Creators: Park Joon-hwa, Baek Seon-woo, Choi Bo-rim

Premiered on: 6 June 2018

I have never been into KDramas or anything that is not English or Hindi. Why? Because I wasn’t sure I wanted to watch something with subtitles. Was I out of my damn mind? I am glad I changed my mind about it because I’m just exploring the KDrama world and it is magical and beautiful and fun and I AM LOVING IT!

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Family reunion – it’s all about family, community and fun

Creator – Meg DeLoatch

Premiered on – July 10, 2019

The McKellans travel from Seattle to Columbus for….well… Family Reunion. And they decide to stay.

Moz McKellan, a former tight end, decides to retire and moves to Columbus, Georgia with his wife and 4 kids. They take this decision so that they can raise their kids with the family around.

Each episode brings you closer to the characters and you WILL fall in love with each of them in your own way. The show also focuses on real issues that will touch you.

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The expanding universe of ashley garcia will make your heart happy

The show is back with part 2 of season 1. So, if you haven’t watched part 1 yet, now is the time!

Ashley Garcia is a genius, she is a robotics engineer, a rocket scientist with a doctorate and has her dream job at NASA. Now she wants to fall in love, make friends and be a normal teenager. She moves in with her uncle Victor who is a football coach and co-owner of a restaurant.

It’s important to see more characters that inspire and represent you on TV and this show does that. It’s inspiring in its own ways.

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The baby-sitters club is the coolest club

And not just in Stoneybrooks.

These girls have my heart.

The show has 90s vibes in 2020 and it is definitely something that you should watch.

The trailer

Remember when I said Queer eye is the purest show on the internet! Well, this one is pure gold too and hey, it has queer eye reference too… How cool is that!

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Queer Eye should be NEXT on your watchlist (Bonus: Instagram handles of all the heroes from all the seasons)

Self-love ✅

Self-care ✅

Empathy ✅

A wave of emotions ✅

If you haven’t watched any of the seasons of Queer Eye, the time is NOW! You don’t even need to ask why. Because we all need a reminder that we are enough, that we need to put ourselves first, that we need to take care of ourselves first.

Honey, you can’t pour out of an empty cup. 

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Sweet Magnolias is a must-watch show on netflix

I have always been a fan of shows that make me feel good. So when Sweet Manganolias was released on Netflix on May 19, I was quick to hit the play button. And oh boy! I was not disappointed.

Sweet Magnolias is based on Sherryl Wood’s popular book series Sweet Magnolias. 

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