Ongoing KDramas I’m watching (and loving)

September 2022

So I recently finished watching a whole set of KDramas and had to replace them with new ones 😉

I finished watching Alchemy of souls (AWESOME, can’t wait for S2 in December) and Today’s Webtoon (Had to fast forward and skip watch last few episodes, it was kind of a drag after a while).

So here’s the list of new KDramas that I’ve started:

Once upon a small town

This one is a very Hallmarky drama.

Simple storyline. Short episodes. Happy people, happy ending (hopefully).

If you wish upon me

Started it for Ji Chang Wook and kind of binged all the available episodes in 3 days. Now we have only two more episodes to go.

The story is heavy but there is comedy in tragedy. No dull moments.

Love in contract

Only two episodes are out and I can tell you it’s gonna be fun.

I shared my first impression here.

The law café

It’s funny. It’s well made and though it reminds me so much of suspicious partner I’m loving this lead couple as well.

Little Women

There is mystery, drama, thrill and a lot of money. It’s different from the dramas I usually watch but the visuals are so so so beautiful and I had to watch it.

Once Upon a Small Town

Episodes: 12

Aired: Sep 5, 2022 – Sep 28, 2022

Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Watch on: Netflix

Duration: 34 min

Director: Kwon Seok Jang

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Life


Joy as Ahn Ja Young

Choo Young Woo as Han Ji Yul

Baek Sung Chul as Lee Sang Hyun

If You Wish Upon Me

Episodes: 16

Aired: Aug 10, 2022 – Sep 29, 2022

Aired On: Wednesday, Thursday

Watch on: Viki

Duration: 1 hr. 10 min.

Director: Kim Yong Wan

Screenwriter: Jo Young Soo

Genres: Romance, Life, Drama, Medical


Ji Chang Wook as Yoon Kyeo Re

Choi Soo Young as Seo Yeon Joo

Sung Dong Il as Kang Tae Shik

Won Ji An as Ha Joon Kyung

Love in contract

Episodes: 16

Aired: Sep 21, 2022 – Nov 10, 2022

Aired On: Wednesday, Thursday

Watch on: Viki

Duration: 1 hr. 10 min.

Also Known As: WolSooGeumHwaMokTo , WolSuGeumHwaMogTo , MonWedFriTuesThursSat

Director: Nam Sung Woo

Screenwriter: Ha Gu Dam

Genres: Business, Comedy, Romance


Park Min Young as Choi Sang Eun

Go Kyung Pyo as Jung Ji Ho

Kim Jae Young as Kang Hae Jin

The Law Cafe

Episodes: 16

Aired: Sep 5, 2022 – Oct 25, 2022

Aired On: Monday, Tuesday

Watch on: Viki

Duration: 1 hr. 20 min.

Director: Lee Eun Jin

Screenwriter: Im Ji Eun, Im Eui Jung

Genres: Comedy, Law, Romance


Lee Seung Gi as Kim Jeong Ho

Lee Se Young as Kim Yu Ri

Oh Dong Min as Do Jin Ki

Little Women

Episodes: 12

Aired: Sep 3, 2022 – Oct 9, 2022

Aired On: Saturday, Sunday

Watch on: Netflix

Duration: 1 hr. 15 min.

Screenwriter: Jung Seo Kyung

Director: Kim Hee Won

Genres: Action, Thriller, Mystery, Drama


Kim Go Eun as Oh In Joo

Nam Ji Hyun as Oh In Kyung

Park Ji Hoo as Oh In Hye

Wi Ha Joon as Choi Do Il

Apart from these I am watching Prison playbook, Love in moonlight, Naruto and Triplers (Tamil series on Hotstar).

So, what are you watching?

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