One Spring Night – sweet, slow, balmy and so so

I binge watched this one. Why? Because I just wanted to know what happens to the lead couple and what kind of life they lead together.

First of all, let me tell you this is a story of betrayal. I mean the main lead was in a relationship where she wasn’t happy and so she decided to go with the other guy.

Things I liked about One Spring Night

  1. Jung Hae In
  2. The OST
  3. Visuals
  4. Sister love
  5. Mother who stands up for her daughters.

Things I did not like but am okay with

The characters are so flawed that you might not fall in love with them. I was judging them from the other side of the screen.

My heart said that the lead should go for the guy she likes even when she has been in a relationship for a really long time but my mind also said that she should stand up and tell the guy she is dating that it is all over. ONCE AND FOR ALL. Dragging that relationship was way too much for me.

The older sister: She is a victim of domestic violence and instead of doing something strong about it she just settles for a divorce?! I mean dude you are a celeb – be a role model. Do something about it. NO?

The father: I mean that man needed to a good lesson. Someone should have made him sit and told him how wrong he is.

The big fuss about Ji Ho being a single parent. Like what’s so wrong with it 🤷🏼‍♀️

But well… despite all these things all I can say is having flawed characters makes stories. So all of this was in a way…good.

One spring night vs. Something in the rain

Honestly the stories are totally different and I cannot compare these two.There are a lot of similarities in term of producer, writer, cast but the plot if very very different.

There are some who liked one better than the other but honestly it’s like apples and oranges.

The characters, the character growth arch, everything is totally different.

I watched Something in the rain almost a little more than a year ago and while I was watching it I wasn’t sure if I was into it but a year later there are so many things that I do think about about the drama and I can say that the drama did touch me in its own way.

So, I will give one spring night some time to sink in.

Let’s see if I write another post about it.

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