May I help you – We are half-way there

This drama started in October but I didn’t have much time in Oct/Nov to start new KDramas. However, last week after finishing Love in contract and starting Summer strike I started thinking of what else to watch and that’s when I landed up on May I help you’s trailer. I found the trailer interesting and so I started watching it.

I ended up watching 8 episodes in a week and that is fast for me. While watching it drama it hit me that I really like Kdramas (dramas in generally) with strong female lead and that’s the reason I didn’t like some of the classics including True beauty.

Alright so let’s talk about May I Help You.

About May I help you leads

Our female lead Baek Dong Joo played by Lee Hye Ri (from Reply 1988) works as a funeral director. She has this magical power where when she touches the dead, they come to life and tell her their last wish. She helps them and that reduces the count of number of souls she needs to help.

Dong Joo was a table tennis player before she became the funeral director. Her mother passed away right after she was born and her father works hard as a watchman. He doesn’t know that she is a funeral director and she doesn’t know that he is a watchman.

Our male lead Kim Jip Sa is director of the company called A Dime a Job, a company opened by his uncle. They run all kind of errands for the right price.

Kim Jip Sa is played by Lee Jun-young, also known as Jun, is a South Korean singer, rapper and actor. He was a doctor before he started working at A Dime a Job.

My thoughts on May I help you as it has reached halfway

So… May I help you is your typical KDrama so far. Intertwined stories, slow burn romance, slice of life angle, small stories with the main story, an ex who is still into the lead.

What I love is the way he treats her. The way he looks at her and the way he always tries to figure out what’s wrong so he can fix it. I also love how she is always trying to take care of him. It’s a beautiful relationship and I ship them wholeheartedly.

The other characters are also fun – I am looking forward to her friend Yoo Sa Ra and boss Im Il Sub’s story. Vincent and Michael are also amazing and they add real value to the story. I am hoping to see a little more of Joseph as well.

I believe that this will be a typical Kdrama where they will break up around episode 12-13. Let’s see. However, we have passed episode 8 without any confessions so it might be different in that sense. Only time will tell.

This drama is a perfect combination of funny, sweet and sentimental. I am loving it ❤️

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