Mad for each other – more than just 30 min laughs

I was looking for some short series with short episodes and stumbled upon this one under Netflix’s 30 minute laughs section. I had seen a couple of scenes of the drama in KDrama master’s funny YouTube videos so thought of giving it a shot.

I haven’t seen the male lead in anything else but did see the female lead in forgettable Café Minamdang where I found her a little irritating. And turns out that’s just her style 😂 Okay, so I don’t dislike her or anything. After all, I ended up watching two of her dramas.

This drama is a lot more than just laughs though. It is about mental health. It’s about what situations do to us. It is about all the things that happen to people when they go through heart wrenching situations.

It was hilarious and it was deep.

I loved watching it.

However, I must admit that I watched it at 1.5X. Why, because I could…There are no slow-down moments at all, so it all makes sense.

So, should you watch it?

Yes, not for a typical KDrama experience but for laughs and well, it’s just 13 episodes of 30 minutes.


Oh Yeon Seo as Lee Min Kyung

Jung Woo as Noh Hwi Oh

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