Dramas and dialogues I think about at night while watching the clouds flow by

Record of youth, Run on, Reply 1988, Encounter, Cuba, Be Melodramatic, camping scenes, Uju, Han river, Tarzan, Jeju…random things pop up in my head when I’m standing in my balcony at midnight watching the clouds pass by.

We all have watched, read, heard or experienced things that come to us when the world is quiet.

Record of youth

When I watched this drama, I didn’t know I’d be thinking about it so much…but I do.

The most precious gift in the world is to live in the present, learn from the past, and plan for the future.

When you have a lot on your mind, silence is the best companion.

In your 20s, you learn to detach yourself from your parents’ influence. Now, we’re entering our 30s. The age at which you can no longer blame others

This scene:

Be Melodramatic

There are so many times when I randomly think of these lines. Exhausted but happy. At the end of the day, that’s what matters.

Run On

Sometimes I feel like I NEED to rewatch this drama because when I first watched it I was new to KDramas and there were a lot of things I didn’t understand and I believe I might have missed.

Still Run On started as any other drama but it got me bad 🙂

Initially I liked the second lead couple but subconsciously I liked it a lot more than I thought I did.

Healthy relationships are sexy ✨


StartUp Kdrama is one of the closest to my heart kind of KDrama. When I think about it I can feel the wind blowing, cherry blossoms flowing, Dosan saying Dalmi-aa. All of it.

The ease with which Dalmi holds Dosan’s hand ❤️ It reminds me that relationships can be simple.

When Dalmi hugs Dosan and he finally lifts her up…again it reminds me of the ease of the relationship. When I have this thought, I look at my husband with extra love 🙂

And every time I think of Starup’s OST my heart lights up!

And this

Something in the rain

This scene has my ❤️

I seldom think about her dancing and feel like it is so so so relatable 🙂

Reply 1988

The year was 1988, a time when it was chilly, but our hearts were fiery, a time when we didn’t have much but people’s hearts were warm.

– Deok Sun

Adults feel pain, too.  It’s just that adults keep it bottled up. They were just busy being adults, and they just acted strong due to the pressure that came with their age.

– Deok Sun

Mothers tend to be the one you miss the most, whether they are alive or dead.

– Sung Dong il

Fate does not come to you at just anytime. It should happen, often at the most dramatic moments brought by coincidence. That is what makes it fate. That is why, another term for fate, is timing.

– Jung Hwan

In the end, fate and timing do not happen, out of coincidence. They are products of earnest, simple choices, that make up miraculous moments. Being resolute, making decisions without hesitation… that is what makes timing. He wanted her more than I did. And I should have been more courageous. It was not the traffic light’s fault. It was not timing. It was my hesitations.

– Jun Hwan

Time will always flow. Everything will pass by. That might be why youth is beautiful. It shines, blindingly bright, for just an instant. But you can never go back to it.

– Deok Sun

And this conversation between Deok Sun and Choi Taek

“I want to go back.” – Deok Sun
“Why?” – Choi Taek
“There’s is someone I would like to meet again.” – Deok Sun
“Who?” – Choi Taek
“My parents, when they were young and seemed as big as mountains.” – Deok Sun

I think of this and I think of the time when my dad would carry me for a distance and make me walk for the same distance and then pick me up again. You walk from a pillar to next pillar and I carry you from next pillar to the next one. It reminds me of the days my mom used to run behind me teaching me how to ride bike. It reminds me of all the times I had to lift my head up up up to look at them. I cannot believe that that time is in past and that we can never go back there…no matter how much we try.

I have only mentioned dramas that I watched in 2020 or 2021 first half… because that’s how I can tell that something that old still makes me think.

Is there something in particular that you’ve watched that lives rent free in your head?

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