Why I watched Yumi’s Cells 2 and WE NEED S-3

When I started watching Yumi’s cell last year it was because of the trailer. I loved seeing the cell village, something similar to the movie Inside Out and I had watched Goblin, King The Eternal Monarch, Her Private life and was looking forward to see the lead actors.

Yumi’s cells season 1 was good but it ended with a breakup and I ended up broken hearted. However, I had already started my research and knew that the webtoon that the show is based on shows Yumi happy in the end. Not with Ku Wung nor with Yu Ba Bi but with a third guy. So well, I braced myself.

Ku Wung’s village works on algorithm and so even though the end was sad it was bearable. I felt really bad that I felt less when Yumi and Wung broke up and was happy about Yumi and Babi just because Babi shows affection at every step. As they describe him later – everything he says is honey coated. Wung had his own ways of showing love but since he is a man of a few words it is difficult to feel it, atleast in season 1. In season 2, we can feel how he is feeling about this entire thing.

Yumi’s cells trailer

Yumi’s cells 2 trailer

5 reasons you must watch Yumi’s Cells 2

Ku Wung’s glow up

I am not saying that if it was up to me I would choose Wung because of his glow up but I am also not not saying that.

From long hair, beard and shorts+hoodies or tshirts, Wung came a long way. Also, he is a hard worker. Bow bow time grew and how! Though it looks unrealistic if you’re into startup world you know how things change when your product starts selling or you get funding. So yeah, that was some character development.

The whole lovey dovey romance vibe

Since Yu Ba bi is very expressive, we got see a lot of love and romance and sweet little things that can make our heart flutter. This whole relationship felt like a fairytale….like they were meant to be. It was really good till it lasted and it still stayed good after they broke up. There were painful scenes but the whole chemistry was always on point.

Cntrl Z and Ruby

Block B’s P.O plays Cntrl Z in Yumi’s cells 2. He meets Ruby and since they are pro daters and at first they both think that they aren’t each other’s type but they do end up dating.

Their chemistry is great and both the characters are a little loud which makes them perfect for each other. Cntrl Z has some funny dialogues 😂


In the end Yumi knows that she needs to choose herself. In midst of all options, all the frustration and all the distractions she realises that she should not hold on to someone just because she felt love for them at some point. She also realises that she needs to focus on herself and make name for herself instead of using her energy somewhere else. When time comes Yumi asks love to make way for the writer cell and that’s how she becomes the person she is….a bestseller…an amazing web novel writer and a woman of substance.

The cell village

Something amazing is always going on the village. This village is a depiction of one’s brain and how everyone’s brain works differently. The way prime cells and other cells are defined can help you understand person’s psychology. The cells are funny, fun and really cute!


That cliffhanger ending! Damn!! They introduced Shin Song Rok and now I am curious. I want to know how their love story flows. And most importantly for once I want to see Yumi happy with someone. Is that too much to ask for?

Other things I loved about Yumi’s cells 2


Yumi’s writer look 😂

Yu Ba bi’s dad making teobokki for Yumi.

Yumi and Babi’s couple ring

Have you watched Yumi’s cells and Yumi’s cells 2? If not, you can catch it on Viki.

Now that Yumi’s cells 2 is over I have one spot open for a new series and it is going to be Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

Currently I am watching Cafe Minamdang, Link: Eat, Love, Kill, Alchemy of souls, Ghost doctor and She would never know.

What about you?

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