XO, Kitty: Raw thoughts after a binge watch

Romance is my favourite thing.

And this one was a heart fluttering teen romance. Not only that. This was a beautiful blend of Korean and American stories.

Honestly, I CANNOT wait for season 2 and Dae was okay but I am really REALLY REALLY for Min Ho here.

I was hoping to see Lara Jean and Peter in a cameo but well wasn’t lucky enough.

However, this story had very little and a lot going on in itself.

You know if I were 16 and I knew all about K culture, even I would have wanted to go and study in Korea. 100 Kdramas later, it only makes sense.

And Kitty does that!

She goes all the way to Korea to meet Dae.

Boy oh boy, isn’t that the dream!

A Korean namjachingu and a year in Korea. That’s what dreams are made of.

Anyway, when she has it all she realises that maybe that’s not what she wants… ahahahaha…. She is 17 after all and if you settle for someone at 17 how do you add spice later 😂 We will go with that train of thought.

I need more scoop on her mom’s relationship with principal. I want to more about Professor and principal’s story and I want to see a little more of Alex and I really need to see what does Q do next.

I binge watched it in a single evening. I finished it 5 minutes before I started writing this down.

I remember Dae from Twenty five Twenty one and he is perfect here but when you watch the show you can feel like Kitty and Dae aren’t forever. But who am I to judge that. What were your thoughts?

Also, I kept thinking of Kavinsky every time I looked at Q.

Over all, I think this is a really great series to binge watch and it has it all: romance, drama, comedy and sprinkles of water work moments.

If I were you, I’d binge watch it too.

XO, Sammy.

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