Vincenzo – Fun, thrill and drama

In April, “Vincenzo” was ranked 4th Most Popular TV Show On Netflix Worldwide 🙌

I started watching Vincenzo because of the really amazing direction… the shots in trailer looked super promising and I did not regret it. Some of the scenes are really really so well shot that I kept dropping my jaw time to time 🤣

Vincenzo KDrama Trailer

Members of Vincenzo cast you must follow on Instagram 🖼

Vincenzo Cassano played by Song Song Joong Ki.

Hong Cha Young played by Jeon Yeo Bin.

Jang Jun Woo played by Ok Taecyeon.

Jang Han Seo played by Kwak Dong Yeon.

Tak Hong Shik played by Duk Moon Choi.

Jang Yeon Jin played by Seo Ye-hwa.

Nam Ju Sung played by Yoon Byung-hee.

Seo Mi Ri played by Kim Yoon-hye.

Ahn Gi Seok played by Im Chul-soo.

He doesn’t have Instagram but this is him 👇

Chul Soo Im

Han Seung Hyuk played by Jo Han-chul.

Kwak Hee Soo played by Lee Hang-na.

Hang Na Lee

Chef Toto played by Kim Hyung-mook.

Lee Cheol Wook played by Yang Kyung-won.

Larry Kang played by Kim Seol-jin.

Monk Chaeshin played by Kwon Seung-woo.

Choi Myung Hee played by Kim Yeo-jin.

She is not on Instagram. But this is her 👇

Kim Yeo-jin for Vogue

Jeon Soo Nam played by Lee Dal. He is also not on Instagram.

Dal Lee

Park Seok Do played by Kim Young-woong.

Monk Jeokha played by Lee Woo-jin.

Cho Young Woon played by Choi Young-joon.

Ms Yang played by Jung Ji-yoon.

6 reasons you must watch Vincenzo

If you haven’t watched Vincenzo yet, I want to know why?

Go Away Hug GIF by The Swoon
  1. Action + comedy = Must watch. Some of the scenes will make your heart beat faster and some will make you laugh until you cry.
  2. Choi Myung Hee played by Kim Yeo-jin. She is amazing! Her role will make you fall in love with hating her.
  3. Ok Taecyeon is just perfect.
  4. Vincenzo and Cha Young chemistry is gold.
  5. Gold.
  6. Cassano family will steal your heart.
Korean Drama Netflix GIF by The Swoon

Also, Inzaghi’s special appearance <3

So, if you haven’t seen it yet….now is the time.

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