Unlock my boss – an underrated gem

The day I saw Chae Jong Hyeop was acting in a new drama I decided to watch it even without knowing what was it about. Why? Because I can be like that sometimes 😛

Anyway, I am glad that I decided to watch it, because I loved it.

Unlock My Boss Trailer

Some of my favourite dialogues

Things I loved about Unlock my boss

  1. Chae Jong Hyeop in suit.
  2. Chae Jong Hyeop’s supportive parents.
  3. Dialogues with references to movies and dramas.
  4. The chemistry between leads.
  5. Mapi hyung 😭
  6. Min-a and In Seung’s relationship.
  7. Min-a and Mapi samchon’s relationship.
  8. Park In Seung and Jung Hyun Ho’s friendship.
  9. That one time when Jung Se Yeon makes a joke.
  10. The camping scene.
  11. Ready camera action.

The thing that broke my heart

Mapi hyung 😭

Watch it or drop it you ask?

Watch it, I say.

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