Today’s Webtoon Episode 1 and 2 – First impression

The #1 reason I was looking forward to this drama is – Kim Se Jeong. After watching A Business Proposal I’ve become a fan!

Today’s Webtoon Trailer

Today’s Webtoon poster

Today’s Webtoon Cast and other information

Director: Jo Soo Won

Screenwriter: Jo Hyun Joo, Cho Ye Rang, Lee Jae Eun

Main Role

Kim Se Jeong as On Ma Eum

Choi Daniel as Seok Ji Hyung

Nam Yoon Su as Goo Jun Yeong

Episodes: 12

Aired: Jul 29, 2022 – Sep 17, 2022

Aired On: Friday, Saturday

Where to watch: Viki, ViuTV

Duration: 1 hr. 10 min.

Genres: Business, Comedy, Slice of life, Drama

Today’s webtoon is an adaptation of Japanese manga series “Junhan Shuttai” by Naoko Matsuda.


It is the story of a Judo athlete On Ma Eum’s played by Kim Se Jeong. As her career as Judo athlete comes to an end, she decides to find a new job, a new passion and after a some struggle ends up getting a job in the webtoon editorial team. She feels like a misfit but her coworkers Jun Yeong played by Nam Yoon Su and Seok Jin Hyung played by Daniel Choi help her. While she is at her job, she discovers her passion and now she just needs enough strength to make her dreams come true.

Today’s webtoon Episode 1 and 2 – First impression

Kim Se Jeong’s character is full of life! She grabs your attention and keeps it. Her character is loud, strong, funny, positive and determined.

Choi Daniel is sweet, mature and calm, a perfect sunbae. He is the deputy editor and is always looking out for his juniors and seniors.

Then there is Nam Yoon Su. A guy with 150IQ who has always been at the top of his game but finds it hard to adjust in this team.

I absolutely loved the first two episodes and am already looking forward to next episode. The energy is right, script is great and so is the acting.

Truth is, flawed characters make a great story and so here we are: all the characters have their flaws, quirks and background stories.

Just is first two episodes you can also see something brewing between Kim Se Jeong’s character and Nam Yoon Su’s character. I am looking forward to see how this story shapes.

So what are you currently watching?

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