The two lives of Lydia Bird – Book review

Novel by Josie Silver

Trigger warnings: death, loss, grief

Synopsis: Lydia and Freddie have been together for more than a decade. The wedding date is fixed, engagement is done and done, they have a beautiful house, a good circle of friends and family…everything is perfect. But on Lydia’s 28th birthday Freddie dies in a car accident.

Lydia is grieving and her sister Elle, her childhood friend Jonah (who was also Freddie’s best friend) and her mother try helping her get back to cope with her life.

Lydia finds a way to live an alternate life where Freddie is still alive. However, going back and forth and living two lives is exhausting.

Review: I probably dived in to this one with a lot of expectations and was a little disappointed. The start is great but as the story moves it becomes a little slow and it feels like it’s all over the place. Some of the quotes are very deep and meaningful and you will love that. 

If you are into love stories and second chances then this is for you. If not, I won’t call it a must read.

Favourite lines:

  • Most of life’s defining moments happen unexpectedly; sometimes they slide past you completely unnoticed until afterwards, if at all.
  • When you’re young you think you’ve got all the time in the world; and then suddenly you turn round and you’re old and one of you isn’t there any more and you wonder how the years went so fast. Make hay while the sun shines. 
  • Grief is an odd thing. It’s mine and no one can do it for me, but there’s been this whole supporting cast of silent actors around me in the wings.
  • You don’t get over losing someone you love in six months or two years or twenty, but you do have to find a way to carry on living without feeling as if everything that comes afterwards is second best. Some people walk up mountains, others throw themselves out of planes. Everyone has to find their own way back and, if they’re lucky, they’ll have people who love them to hold their hand.

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