The Sound of Magic: Do you believe in magic? A short KDrama ✨

What happens when you put Ji Chang Wook and Hwang In Youp in a drama? You see the magic happen!

If you’re looking to watch a short, musical KDrama with outstanding cast, this is the one.

The sound of magic 

Episodes: 6

Aired: May 6, 2022

Original Network: Netflix

Duration: 1 hr. 10 min.

Director: Kim Seong Yoon

Screenwriter: Kim Min Jung

Genres: Music, Psychological, Drama, Fantasy

Main role

Ji Chang Wook as Ri Eul

Choi Sung Eun as Yoon Ah Yi

Hwang In Youp as Na Il Deung

The Sound Of Magic Trailer

This musical drama is adapted from the webtoon “Annarasumanara”.

Yoon Ah Yi is a high school student with a very good academic record. She finances herself and her younger sister by doing a lot of part-time jobs. Their mother left them a long time ago and her father lost a lot of other people’s money so he is on run. Her dream is to become an adult as soon as she can so that she can solve all their problems.

She has a classmate named NA II Deung who is always competing for the top spot at school. He is not sure what his own dream in life is.

Then there is THE MAIN character of the show the magician Ri Eul who like Peter Pan wants to be a child forever. He lives in the abandoned amusement park. He performs magic for the people who believe in magic.

There is music, mystery, murder, a little bit of love and a lot of fantasy in this show.

5 Reasons to watch The Sound of Magic

  1. It has only 6 episodes and can be binge-watched in a day.
  2. Ji Chang Wook.
  3. It’s a musical and hence it is a little different from the usual dramas. It’s a fun fresh watch.
  4. Amazing production quality and visuals. Some of the shots are really breathtaking.
  5. Magic! Or the reason behind it – Belief.

Watch it if:

  1. You are a Ji Chang Wook fan.
  2. You are a Choi Sung Eun fan.
  3. You are a Hwang In Youp fan.
  4. You believe in magic.
  5. You love music that tells story.

The Sound of Magic photo gallery

And that’s that. Have you seen The sound of magic or are you thinking of watching it? You can stream it on Netflix.

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