Summer strike – First impression

I have been looking forward to Summer strike since forever. Why? Because of Im Siwan. Also the original title translates to “Today I don’t want to do anything” which is something that really appealed to me.

Summer Strike Trailer

Summer Strike information

Episodes: 12

Aired: Nov 21, 2022 – Dec 27, 2022

Aired On: Monday, Tuesday

Where to watch: Viki

Also Known As: I Don’t Want To Do Anything, I Don’t Feel like Doing Anything, Amugotdo Hago Sipji Anha

Director: Lee Yoon Jung

Genres: Romance, Life, Drama, Melodrama


Kim Seol Hyun as Lee Yeo Reum

Im Si Wan as An Dae Beom

Shin Eun Soo as Kim Bom

A.mond as Heo Jae Hoon

Park Ye Young as Jo Ji Young

Kwak Min Gyoo as Bae Sung Min

About the Summer Strike characters

Lee Yeo Reum is a permanent employee at a company. She has a boyfriend she has been dating for a long time. However, her mother suddenly passes away, her work burns her out, her colleagues are a pain and her boyfriend breaks up with her. She sells her belongings except the things that can fit in one travel bag and moves to Angok- a seaside village, to recharge her batteries.

She meets An Dae Beom, a librarian who cannot speak in front of strangers. He has had his shares of past misfortunes. He was a math prodigy but things went wrong and he also ended up in Angok.

This is their story of doing nothing.

My thoughts after episode 1 and 2

Honestly, one thing that I have figured out about myself is that though I understand that actors play characters and characters need to have flaws to make them human, I don’t like helpless female leads. That’s my personal bias.

Lee Yeo Reum acted very very helpless in first two episodes. She doesn’t speak up for herself, she doesn’t know when and how to fight etc. So not a fan of the character. However, I am looking forward to her changing and standing up for herself.

I am also looking forward to more of Im Si Wan. He doesn’t have much role in the first two episodes but I believe as the story progresses he will have more screentime.

The storyline appeals to me and I am looking forward to picturesque scenes because it is a countryside.

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