Something in the rain: Things I randomly think of

Something in the rain is also called Pretty noona who buys me food. I love that title more tbh. Why? Because that actually is the more accurate title.

I watched Something in the rain almost a year ago and still I go on YouTube and watch some of the scenes again. I just love doing that.

When I was watching the drama it felt long, slow, sad and still something about it felt comforting.

But now that it has been a year, I can say that I really loved the drama and it has left a strong impression on me.

Some of my favourite scenes from Something in the rain

  1. Son Ye Jin dancing

2. Jung Hae In listens to the recording of Son Ye Jin where she says she loves him

3. Son Ye Jin holds Jung Hae In’s hand

4. Hae In’s entry <3

Random memories that pop up at random times from something in the rain

This scene was just so sweet!

All the scenes in the rain!

There were a lot of topics covered in this drama. The workplace exploitation was unbearable to watch and so was the mother’s behaviour. But in midst of all this the beautiful love warmed my heart and so those are the moments I remember. The sweet nothings, the dinner dates, caring for each other, taking care or each other all of this will stay in my heart for a long time.

Also the scene where Hae In comes to Ye Jin when she is in an accident and takes care of her postponing his anger for later is just so sweet!

Also, I didn’t really like the lyrics of the song at first but the music has stuck in my mind.

I might have to rewatch the series or atleast some selected episodes soon 🙂

Have you watched Something in the rain?

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  2. I have, and still rewatch it. My all time favourite

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