Reflections: Knowing yourself is more important than knowing others

woman in purple sweater sitting on wooden floor with view of lake and mountains

To know yourself, you need to observe yourself.

At times, we become so busy looking at others, admiring their highlight reels, sometimes being envious and other times being anxious thinking that we probably aren’t travelling enough or experiencing enough things or discovering enough cafes that we forget to look at our own self, at our achievements and even at the little things we do or love.

When you ask yourself simple questions like what do I really love..What do I want to do for fun or what is that I personally love eating, watching, drinking or doing in my free time…these questions may sound tough. That’s because we spend so much time looking outside and so little looking inside ✨

Here are 10 things about me that I have understood…some new discoveries…some old 👇🏼

❤️ Red is my favourite hair colour.

😍 I am a sucker for slow-burn romances be it books or series. No matter how predictable they might be.

🏔 Playing Genshin impact makes me yearn for mountains, fresh air and rivers.
🥙 I love cooking for myself and others, equally.

🌱 I love growing plants from seeds and cuttings.

When I am growing a date seed or a jamun seed I am not looking for any instant reward. I know I might not be able to reap fruits from these plants. I plan to let them grow as much as they can in pots and then someday take them to an open garden and let them be. I am happy to see tiny leaves right now and that is enough for me.

📓 I write better than I think I do.

😂 You don’t want to deal with me when I am hungry or thirsty.

😇 I am becoming true to my inner-self with each passing day admitting my likes and dislikes without fearing judgement from others. I am an atheist, feminist, and futurist and I am okay with the world knowing all of it.
🎂 I love wishing people on their birthdays and I absolutely love looking at Google photos ‘on this day’ photos.
☕️ My husband makes the best tea, my mom makes really good tea and I make okay tea. It is what it is.

I’m work in progress. We all are. And it’s always good to spend some time with ourselves and reflect.

So did you discover something new about yourself?

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