Love in contract – First impression

If Rachel Park is starring, I’m watching. That’s my take. So for obvious reasons I’ve been excited for months for this series. And finally it is here!

Love in contract trailer

Love in Contract

Episodes: 16

Aired: Sep 21, 2022 – Nov 10, 2022

Aired On: Wednesday, Thursday

Original Network: tvN, Viki

Duration: 1 hr. 10 min.

Also Known As: WolSooGeumHwaMokTo , WolSuGeumHwaMogTo , MonWedFriTuesThursSat

Director: Nam Sung Woo

Screenwriter: Ha Gu Dam

Genres: Business, Comedy, Romance


Park Min Young as Choi Sang Eun

Go Kyung Pyo as Jung Ji Ho

Kim Jae Young as Kang Hae Jin

About the main characters

Choi Sang Eun runs a helper service where she provides wives to single people needing partners to take to gatherings for married couples and school reunions.

Jung Ji Ho is in his 5th year of marriage contract with Choi Sang Eun. They have dinner Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Kang Hae Jin, is a rich heir as the family’s youngest son and Hallyu star. He is Choi Sang Eun’s newest client for Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Poem by Jeong Ho-seung in Love in contract

As I walk along the field paths where you and I once walked together,
When I sit by the field path and gaze at the glow of sunset,
Wounded blades of the grass wave their hands

My thoughts on episode 1 Love in contract

I quite like Rachel Park’s character. She is fun, resourceful and kind in her own way.

Go Kyung Pyo’s character is mysterious and I am sure that he is soon going to realise that he really likes his contract wife.

Kim Jae Young’s character is loud and I believe he will add dash of comedy to the drama.

Over all, episode one was good and I am looking forward to the second episode.

I have high hopes from this drama and I am sure it will live up to my expectations.

Based on episode 1, I say you should give it a go.

I will share more thoughts once we get halfway through.

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