Queer Eye should be NEXT on your watchlist (Bonus: Instagram handles of all the heroes from all the seasons)

Self-love βœ…

Self-care βœ…

Empathy βœ…

A wave of emotions βœ…

If you haven’t watched any of the seasons of Queer Eye, the time is NOW! You don’t even need to ask why. Because we all need a reminder that we are enough, that we need to put ourselves first, that we need to take care of ourselves first.

Honey, you can’t pour out of an empty cup. 

This show will ‘literally’ help you fill your damn cup.

The Fab 5

Tan France – Fashion | Instagram 

Bobby Berk – Design | Instagram

Karamo – Culture | Instagram

Antoni Porowski – Food & wine | Instagram

Jonathan Van Ness – Grooming | Instagram

Also, Queer Eye | Instagram

Together they are perfect. A mix of the good things we need in life. They are the life-savers and the life-changers and you can feel the authenticity oozing out of the screen. So much, that you WILL fall in love with them and their thoughts.

Queer eye is not about a makeover or a flash of show off, it is a lot deeper than just that. They really try to hit the right chords with their heroes (the participants on the show are called heroes, how apt!).

It is warm and fuzzy.

It is heartwarming and eye purifying.

It is full of positivity.

It will help you love yourself a little more.

Small things that I learnt from Queer Eye

  1. Don’t call it a ‘fancy’ dinner. Call it special and you’ll see how it changes everything.
  2. When you cleanup for your partner and others around you, it shows that you respect them and love them.
  3. Small and subtle changes are necessary to make a big difference.
  4. Food is an expression of love. Not just for others but for yourself. It’s ‘your time’.
  5. Me time doesn’t have to make you feel lonely. It needs to help you connect with yourself.
  6. Express your feelings and keep the communication going. Communication is always the key.
  7. Sleep in your bed πŸ™‚

You might relate to some heroes. You might see someone around you in some heroes and you might take that step to change a little something in your life after watching this. 

The Fab 5 don’t just help he heroes through the transformation but they actually stay in touch with them on Social Media and more. This, my friends, is REAL.

Season 5 was released on June 5.

Queer Eye season one heroes

Episode 1 – Tom Jackson | Twitter

Episode 2 – Neal Reddy | Instagram

Episode 3 – Cory Waldrop | Instagram 

Episode 4 – Anthony β€œAJ” Brown | Not on Social Media but check this out – 

Episode 5 – Bobby Camp | Instagram

Episode 6 – Remington Porter | Instagram

Episode 7 – Joe Gallois | Instagram

Episode 8 – Jeremy Holmes | Not on Social Media πŸ™

Queer Eye season two heroes

Episode 1 – Tammye Hicks | Instagram

Episode 2 – William Mahnken | Instagram

Episode 3 – Leonardo Loria Rico | He is not on Instagram but his wife is πŸ™‚ Check out Bethany’s Instagram.

Episode 4 – Jason Vodersing | I couldn’t find him on Instagram :/

Episode 5 – Skyler | Instagram

Episode 6 – Arian Samiei | He is on Instagram. But his account is private.

Episode 7 – Sean VanMeter | Instagram

Episode 8 – Ted Terry | Instagram

Queer Eye season three heroes

Episode 1 – Jody Castellucci | Instagram

Episode 2 – Joey Greene | Instagram

Episode 3 – Mary and Deborah Jones | Instagram

Episode 4 – Robert Hitchcock | Instagram

Episode 5 – Jess Guilbeaux | Instagram

Episode 6 – Rob Elrod | Instagram

Episode 7 – Thomas Diggs | Instagram

Episode 8 – Tony Blanco | Instagram His wife Brianna McMahill is more active so you can check her Instagram too!

Queer Eye season four heroes

Episode 1 – Kathi Dooley | Instagram

Episode 2 – Wesley Hamilton | Instagram

Episode 3 – John Stoner | Instagram

Episode 4 – Wanda Winters | Instagram

Episode 5 – Kenny Yarnevich | Instagram

Episode 6 – Deanna Munoz | Instagram

Episode 7 – Brandonn Mixon | Instagram

Episode 8 – Matt Moreland | Instagram

Queer Eye season five heroes

Episode 1 – Noah Hepler | Instagram

Episode 2 – Rahanna Gray | Instagram

Episode 3 – Kevin Abernethy | His Instagram is private. You can follow his daughter, Haley Leigh Ferrigno.

Episode 4 – Tyreek Wanamaker | He is not active on Instagram. But you can follow The block gives back and Mighty Writers.

Episode 5 – Abby Leedy | Instagram. You can also check out Sunrise Movement.

Episode 6 – Ryan Dyer | Instagram

Episode 7 – Jennifer Sweeney | Instagram

Episode 8 – Marcos Tlacopilco | Instagram

Episode 9 – Lilly Yi | Instagram

Episode 10 – Nate McIntyre | Instagram

Queer Eye Japan heroes

Episode 1 – Yoko Sakuma | Instagram

Episode 2 – Kan | Instagram

Episode 3 – Kae Tanaka | Instagram

Episode 4 – Makoto Chiba | Instagram

When Yoko Sakuma met Tammye Hicks, my heart went πŸ₯°

Trust me, this is pure goodness and you will be left feeling lighter, happier and inspired at the end of this. 

Have watched every season every episode already? Tell me what do you feel about it in the comment section. 

If you love it as much as I do, let’s be friends! Come’ on honey <3 



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