I Loved Love All Play – Going to You at a Speed of 493km

Another sports related KDrama?

Why not!

love watching sports related dramas in general. I have watched so many of them and still I cannot get enough of them. But I had some more reasons to watch Love all play.

My biggest reason to watch Love all play was Chae Jong Hyeop. I have seen him a lot of other dramas…mostly as second lead or just another cast member but finally this drama was all his!

Let’s start with Instagram accounts of all the important cast members 🙂

Main characters

Chae Jong Hyeop who plays Park Tae Joon the main lead. Instagram

Park Ju Hyun who plays Park Taeyang the main lead. Instagram

Park Ji Hyun who plays Park Junyong, Park Tae Joon’s older sister and Park Taeyang’s friend. Instagram

Kim Moo Joon who plays Yook Jung Hwan. Lee Yoo Min’s boyfiend and Park Jiyoung’s ex. Instagram

Seo Ji Hye who plays Lee Yoo Min, Yook Jung Hwan’s girlfriend. Instagram

Team Yunis

Choi Seung Yoon as Yun Seung Woo Instagram

Jo Soo Hyang as Lee Young Shim Instagram

Moon Dong Hyuk as Ko Dong Wan Instagram

Kwon So Hyun as Chun Yoo Ri Instagram

Bin Chan Wook as Oh Sun Soo Instagram

Jeon Hye Won as Yang Sung Shil Instagram

Lee Chae Min as Lee Ji Ho Instagram

Yumin Coaches

Jo Han Chul as Lee Tae Sang (Yoo Min’s father) Instagram

In Gyo Jin as Joo Sang Hyun Instagram

Lee Seo Hwan as Kim Shi Bong


Jun Bae Soo as Park Man Soo (Tae Yang’s father)
Lee Ji Hyun as Jo Hyang Sook (Tae Joon’s mother)
Sung Ki Yoon as Park Nam Koo (Tae Joon’s father) Instagram

Jang Won Hyuk as Lee Jae Shik (Tae Joon’s former doubles partner)

Lee Ji Hae as Yook Juk Hwan’s mother. Instagram

Love All Play Trailer

So I started watching this drama because it was romance sports drama my favourite category! However, the story isn’t flawless. I felt frustrated and till the end I was waiting for someone to say that whatever happened wasn’t anyones fault but that moment did not come 🙁

However, I loved the few games, the training scenes, the running, the unconditional love (couples left right and center) and the way Park Tae Joon Loved Park Taeyang ❤️

If you’re into sports dramas, watch this one.

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