Hello, my twenties – Everything I liked and kind of hated

Hello, my twenties is also known as Age of youth.

It’s a story of 5 girls living as housemates at “Belle Epoque”, a share house. The have different personalities, different lifestyles but in the end living together makes them more of a family than anything.

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Life, Drama.

When I started watching this series my expectations were a drama that has normal housemate fights, maybe love stories of each housemate and perhaps some insight into their backgrounds and families.

I was so wrong!

It is about THEM. Each of them. Twisted. In their head. Exhausted. Weird.

That’s what makes the show interesting. After all, I watched both the seasons.

I have read a LOT of good reviews and I started watching it because it was on Netflix’s trending list and PARK EUN BIN.

Hello, my twenties trailer

Hello, my twenties cast

Han Ye Ri as Yoon Jin Myung

Han Seung Yeon as Jung Ye Eun

Park Eun Bin as Song Ji Won

Ryu Hwa Young as Kang Yi Na

Park Hye Soo as Yoo Eun Jae

Website: Hello, my twenties

This drama is a retrospective storytelling. It’s about the burden of responsibilities, past baggage, self-esteem issues, unknown issues and so on.

Now let me tell you about each character and what I liked or didn’t.

Han Ye Ri as Yoon Jin Myung

Yoon sunbae’s life is hard. She works relentlessly to fund her school fees and has a brain dead younger brother. For her dating is a luxury she can’t afford. Looking at her broke my heart. I wanted her to happy so bad! As much as I loved who she wanted to do everything on her own, I also wanted her to lean on Yoon Park who plays Park Jae Wan (chef).

Han Seung Yeon as Jung Ye Eun

She is loud. But she suffers from self-esteem issues. She stays in a bad relationship because she doesn’t know how to get out of it. Her family isn’t supportive at all. Her situation made me feel sad but I loved how she cooked amazing food.

Park Eun Bin as Song Ji Won

She talks about sex wayyy to much. Her character is both fun loving and slightly irritating. She takes jokes too far.

Ryu Hwa Young as Kang Yi Na

She had a near death experience and decides that she wants an easy life. She has beautiful body and she uses it to get her way in life. She will soon realise that she has been dead inside for years before she decides to get a proper job and starts feeling alive again.

Park Hye Soo as Yoo Eun Jae

Eun Jae finds her first love. It’s a beautiful romance. Sweet, cute, new and the one that will make your heart flutter.

Peak points

What is youth all about

As I am wayyyy far from my 20s I can see this show in a different light. It reminded me of my 20s. The pains, the sadness, the happiness and peak moments of life.

The friendships we establish in 20s, the heart break, the feeling of being in love, new love, first kiss and all those things came back to me.

Mistakes, character flaws, inability to let logic in because of emotions – I’ve felt all of this at some point and the show just took me back in time.

A story of women

When I was growing up I did not get to watch many shows that were focused on women. Women with different backgrounds, different stories. That is what I craved for.

This show portrays youth of a woman beautifully. With a dash of fun, tragedy and extremities.

The lives we live in our heads, the stories, the fears and the thoughts that we don’t share.

It was all that and more.

Dark turn

The story took a very dark turn all of a sudden. I DID not expect it. Dating violence, the thoughts about killing people and person trying to kill you. That was crazy. I won’t say I hated it but I could have used a warning.

Thoughts I had after watching Hello, my twenties

I was tempted to post pictures of my hostel days on Instagram. I texted one of my old roomie. It brought nostalgia, floating thoughts of the days that were lot different than they are today. Unfinished assignments, fights over texts, break ups, dates, spending time with girlfriends, friendships that did not see differences in life choices.

The girls reminded me of a different time.

An important reminder:

You can’t go back in time but you can also cherish those memories.

I also loved the boys of the show:

Yoon Park as Park Jae Wan [Chef]

Shin Hyun Soo as Yoon Jong Yeol [Eun Jae’s senior]

Son Seung Won as Im Sung Min [Ji Won’s friend]

Yoon Jong Hoon as Seo Dong Joo [Yi Na’s friend]

And hated the character (not the actor)

Ji Il Joo as Ko Doo Yeong [Ye Eun’s boyfriend]

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