Destined with you – We are halfway there

Okay so I haven’t written about any KDramas in a while but here we are again. It’s not that I stopped watching, it’s just that life got a little busy.

Anyway, I decided to watch Destined with you because I generally watch anything with Rowoon. I would have decided to watch this after watching the trailer also.

But now we have watched 8+ episodes and when I tell you nothing significant is happening, I am not lying.

If I was to binge-watch this after all the episodes were released I’d probably drop it or watch it at 1.5X.

Because boy o boy the story has barely moved… the build up doesn’t feel like a build up. I mean what is it.

But I’m still gonna watch all the episodes hoping that my remaining 8 hours are worth it.

I have nothing more to say, okay?

Watch it at your own risk.

Okay more… I would have appreciated if this had like 10 or 12 episodes because there is not point of stretching the story…please get to the point.

I checked on MyDramalist and it has 8.3 rating so far and I don’t even know why.

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