Can’t get over Lee Jun ho? 4 K-dramas starring Kang Tae-oh to watch 

Kang Tae-oh is melting hearts with his charming smile and subtle expressions in Extraordinary Attorney Woo. The wait for new episodes week after week is absolutely worth it but we all need a little higher dose of that innocent and charismatic face. Right? 

So here are 4 K-dramas starring Kang Tae-oh that you must watch 

Loved Extraordinary Attorney Woo? 


If you’re not watching this drama already then now is a good time to start.

Woo Young Woo played by Park Eun Bin is a young lawyer with Asperger’s syndrome and Kang Tae-oh plays Lee Junho. It is promising, engaging and heartfelt. Kang Tae-oh’s puppy eyes, the great chemistry between the leads and a great storyline make this drama worth watching. No doubt it is one of the top-rated dramas at the moment.

4 K-dramas starring Kang Tae-oh to watch 

1. Run on 

The best second lead couple award should go to Kang Tae-oh and Soo Young for this drama. Should we just say Kang Tae-oh can nail the chemistry bit no matter who he is paired with? Because he totally can! A painter who is in love with the agency CEO and won’t step back because he wants to follow his heart – give it to us! 

Yim Si Wan a sprinter who is under contract with Soo Young’s agency becomes Kang Tae-oh’s room partner and friend when he is trying to find his place in the world without using his dad’s name. 

2. Doom at your service 

Kang Tae-oh plays second lead to the second lead and still, your heart will break a little when he doesn’t get a happy ending. Honestly, Lee Soo Hyuk might have ended with Shin Do Hyun but Kang Tae-oh is the one who ended up reserving space in our hearts. 

Tak Dong Kyung played by Park Bo Young is a person who is down on her luck who calls Doom played by Seo In Guk to the world. She is frustrated and wants the world to end but (spoiler alert), it doesn’t.

3. The tale of Nokdu 

Kang Tae-oh plays Cha Yool Mo who has one-sided feelings for Dong Joo played by So Hyun. She is training to be a kisaeng. The drama is set in Joesan era which means fabulous costumes and a little different language. It’s funny, heartfelt and has some action as well. What makes it better is easy to watch 33-minute long episodes.

4. Short 

Short is a short 4 episode long KDrama that you can binge-watch in a day! Kang Tae-oh plays a carefree young man who lacks general direction in life. He happens to discover short track speed skating and decides to take it up. That’s when he meets Yoo Ji Na played by Kim Do Yeon. This one has love, competition and comedy, making it a perfect weekend watch.

So that’s the list but apart from this he also recently appeared in Thirty, nine and done dramas like My first first love, That man Oh Soo etc. Do you have a favourite Kang Tae-oh drama? Let me know in the comments.

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