All the things I loved about More than friends #Kdrama and some things that I hated

Let’s talk about prologue stories, books, soul touching lines, beautiful areas of Seoul and picturesque spaces ✨

I have to say that I loved the stories that formed the base of that episode and the names of each episodes.

  1. More Than Friends
  2. Wind, Wind, Wish
  3. After the Curse Is Broken
  4. If You Want to Catch a Tiger, Go Into the Tiger’s Den
  5. Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear
  6. What the Shepherd Boy Did Not Know
  7. Where Did The Curse Go?
  8. Opportunities Lost Become Regrets
  9. The Function of Efforts
  10. Misunderstanding Called Understanding
  11. The End
  12. A Wound Deeper Than Love
  13. Attitude Towards What We Love Too Much
  14. Pinocchio’s Nose Pushes People Away
  15. The Reason for Walking Away
  16. Every Moment Was a Coincidence

The things that stayed with me:

After the Curse Is Broken: Kyung Woo Yeon kisses Lee Soo and says that she broke the curse. It’s taken from all the fairytales where prince kisses the princess to break to the curse. Here however it meant that when she kisses him she will be free from her curse. Her curse? She is unable to love anyone since she fell for him 10 years ago.

Attitude Towards What We Love Too Much: Lee Su’s father had once told him that we should keep things and people we love away from us to protect them. Lee Su finally realises that his father was wrong.

Pinocchio’s Nose Pushes People Away: Why would only his nose grow when he lied? Maybe that was a way of showing the distance that is created horizontally between two people when one of them lies.

The Reason for Walking Away: Why did fox say that the grapes are sour. Because he tried hard and he couldn’t jump any longer. He needed a way to walk away and protect himself from dying.

More than friends information

Episodes: 16

Aired: Sep 25, 2020 – Nov 28, 2020

Aired On: Friday, Saturday

Watch it on: Netflix, Hotstar, Viki

Duration: 1 hr. 8 min.

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Life, Drama


Ong Seong Wu as Lee Soo

Shin Ye Eun as Kyung Woo Yeon

Kim Dong Jun as Ohn Joon Soo

Ahn Eun Jin as Kim Young Hee

Choi Chan Ho as Shin Hyun Jae

Baek Soo Min as Han Jin Joo

P.O as Jin Sang Hyuk

More than friends trailer

More than friends story premise

At the age of 18 Kyung Woo Yeon falls for Lee Su.
Lee Su friendzones her and goes to the US.
7 years later, she is till into him and asks him out. He rejects the proposal and tells her they are FRIENDS.
In between, she has tried dating but she never felt that spark for anyone.
She keeps drunk calling Lee Su’s number not knowing that he has changed his phone.
10 years later she happens to meet him again.
Since he still doesn’t reciprocate her feelings.
Meanwhile she meets another guy who treats her nicely and THAT is when Su decides that he actually likes her.
Anyway, this love story can be labelled as toxic and not very healthy but it has its sweet moments too.
Apart from the lead couple there are two more couples and both their stories get enough screentime.

What I loved about this series was the way the story is told, the analogies, the art and books and most importantly the areas of Seoul they cover and the way they build a story around them for their photo book.

More than friends photo gallery

Some of the lines that touched me

You are not bored, you are just lonely. If you ignore it, it will grow out of control.

Race, sex, religion, parents, job, spouse, et cetera. Among the factors that affect your life, the only ones you can choose are your job and spouse. Would not it be too miserable if you cannot choose those either?

You seem to have some stupid belief that everything will be peaceful if you suffer a little by yourself. Stop that, it is bad for you. If you do not care about yourself, why will anyone else?

Young-hee: I’ll be much heavier than what you think.
Hyun-jae: I’Il be much stronger than what you think.

Does your destiny carry an ID saying he’s your destiny? If I make him mine, he’s my destiny.

Lean on me as a friend again. Or if not, consider me a chair, a rock or a tree. Anything you can lean on.
Consider me something like that.

The picturesque locations

Cafe 4F

Dae-Oh Bookstore

Salon de Ceylon

Doodoong Namsan


Okin Arcade

Hwarangdae Railway Park

Should you watch this KDrama? For the beauty, storytelling and calligraphy yes. For the story, nope.

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